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CWC advertising high-level BTC positions

Ads for high-level positions at Cable and Wireless Communications(CWC)Bahamas operations have already begun to surface on the Internet. And while the company’s executives said yesterday that one of the jobs is exclusively for Bahamians, no ads have appeared in local media.

The ads said that CWC recently acquired a telecommunications company in The Bahamas. However, at this point, the deal has yet to be finalized.

CWC executive, Lachlin Johnston, toldThe Nassau Guardianthat the head of communications ad was not supposed to appear the way it did on the only place the ads have so far been spotted.

And while he said he had no prior knowledge of the head of communications ad beforeThe Nassau Guardianinquired about its existence, he confirmed that the position that was advertised is real.

Johnston said the interim head of communications position is necessary for CWC to create better press and a more favorable public persona, as trade unions continue to rail against the proposal for CWC to purchase 51 percent of the Bahamas Telecommunications Company’s shares.

However, he insisted that the sexy payout for the position, which was pegged on the website as$975 per day, is not the actual salary.

According to Johnston, the pay is less and will have to be corrected.

“The rate on the ad is a mistake-it is not that much ,”he said.”It shouldn’t be in this form and we’ll have to change a lot about that ad.”

Through its local public relations agency, Diane Philips and Associates, CWC released a statement about the online ad:”It is an ad to hire a Bahamian person on an interim basis to advise CWC/LIME as we are working on the transaction.”

Johnston said at this time no candidates have applied for the position and the company will likely seek out the person it would like to hire.

“It’s very much just an interim person just to help out before we reach the end game,”he said.

“We are trying to make sure the transaction happens. We want to make sure we are positioned on the ground.”

The ad called for a candidate who has:

•Held senior level head of or director level communications role in a large, multinational organization?.

•Strong experience in developing communications strategy in post acquisition, high change/transformational environments.?

•Strong media network and cultural understanding in the Caribbean region?.

•Degree qualified with a minimum of 10 years experience in communications.

However, CWC insisted through its public relations agent that the”ad is for a short-term consulting appointment and is not for a BTC employee”.

A second ad surfaced yesterday for the position of’senior technical program manager’. The main job purpose is”to take total accountability for planning, structuring, leading and executing the integration of the telecommunications platforms of both organizations.”

The pay is advertised at£750 per day(more than$1,100).

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