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Guardian Car Review

The 2011 Ford Fusion could be in a class by itself when it comes to four-door sedans, as it’s a great fit for the driver looking for style or one who is more family-oriented.

Ford Explorers are usually the most popular vehicle of the brand among Bahamians, but the Fusion could give those drivers another car out of the Ford family. The sedan doesn’t sport a large body that makes it difficult to squeeze in tight spots, but it also isn’t a compact ride so comfort shouldn’t be an issue for drivers and passengers.

The Fusion is fairly efficient on fuel, consuming one gallon of gas every 22 miles in the city and every 29 miles on the highway. It also has great gas capacity, holding up to 17.5 gallons in its tank.

While sporting a sleek look on the outside, the interior is just as impressive. One of the most notable features with the Fusion is the Sync multimedia voice-control system, which enables voice recognition with audio and Bluetooth devices. For instance, if a driver wants to listen to a certain music artist, all they have to do is say that person’s name and the song and the vehicle will find the particular selection that was requested. That innovative feature will certainly grow on Fusion owners and also be one less distraction to worry about while driving.

The Fusion comes in four different models: Fusion S, SE, SEL and Sport. Each type offers different features, with the Sport having a larger 3.5 liter V6 engine, the SE and SEL running on a 3.0 liter engine, and the Fusion S operating on a 2.5 liter motor. The vehicle also comes as a Hybrid, but it’s considered an entirely different version based on specifications.

Friendly Ford is one of the dealerships that carry the 2011 Fusion in Nassau, and it’s prices at$37,995 for the standard 4-cylinder model. Metro Ford carries the SE model starting at$22,078, but with the 75 percent customs duty attached to the base price it will cost$38,636.

The Fusion will cater to the needs of almost any Bahamian driver, as it may be the most impressive all-around car that’s is currently on the market.

Guardian Business gives the Ford Fusion two thumbs up.

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