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Starbucks Bahamas to adopt new logo

Starbucks (Bahamas)will be adopting the new look of its international counterparts, following a move by the coffee chain to change its logo.

According to a statement from company, the new logo will indeed extend to The Bahamas.

“The overall Starbucks brand evolution is global and comes to life in all stores beginning March 8th, 2011,”said a company statement sent toGuardian Businessyesterday.

The fresh look will go with a brand new attitude at the company to embrace an international feel, with a logo to match the changes. Apparently, having the words Starbucks Coffee doesn’t auger well for a company looking to diversify and branch out into other markets and products, with ice cream now one of its offerings.

Reports are that alcohol may be next in line for the company, described as one of the fastest growing companies in the world.

Inga Bowleg, Director of Business Development at the John Bull Group of Companies–which operates the local Starbucks franchise–toldGuardian Businessearlier that a number of promotions are in place to ensure the coffee chain saw a boost in business. It was in an effort to have the Bahamian-based Starbucks operation finish off 2010 and enter the new year on a strong note.

“We’re optimistic because the international company has given us all the tools to excite customers,”Bowleg said in an earlier interview.”While we are trying to maintain our business in the store, we also want customers to enjoy our coffee at home.”

Bowleg also mentioned that the Bay Street store that was closed in late September will be opening early this year, explaining that the temporary closure of the location wasn’t related to any financial woes.

The local chain will attempt to finish off strong and continue to add to the success of the brand. Globally the coffee chain reporting a 6 percent rise in sales, according to its third quarter report. The operating margin for worldwide outlets also increased to 10.3 percent from 7.2 percent in 2009 according to the financial statement. There are eight Starbucks locations in the country, excluding the closed Bay Street site.

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