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Three divisions to start today

Play in three of the six divisions in the Freedom Farm League will swing into action today while the remaining three divisions will get on the way next week.

The three divisions up first are the 11-12, 13-15 and 16-30. The 13-15 division has seven teams, they include the Falcons, Owlz, Potcakes, Raccoons, Sharks, Silver Jacks and Stingrays. The Owlz and Potcakes will take to the field first. The Sharks and Silver Jacks will follow at 11 a.m. and at 1 p.m. the Stingrays will play the Falcons. The Potcakes will return to the field on Sunday at 2 p.m., they will play the Raccoons.

Seven teams will contest the 11-12 boys division. Those teams includes the Blue Marlins, Conchs, Divers, Green Parrots, Hurricanes, White Crowns and Wild Dogs. Two games will be played one at 11:30 a.m and the feature starting at 2:30 p.m. The Hurricanes and the Divers will contest both. All four of the teams listed in the 16-30 division will take to the field this weekend. The Caribs will play the Tainos while the Arawaks and Lucayans square-off on Sunday.

The remaining three divisions in the league are T-ball, Coach Pitch and 9-10 boys. Teams listed in the T-ball division are the Cantaloupes, Coco Plums, Dillies, Guineps, Jujus, Kiwis, Mangoes, Sea Grapes and Sour Sops. Their season will start Saturday, January 15. The Guineps and Sea Grapes will play the only game on that day. The other division with nine teams is the 9-10 boys.

The Barracudas, Dolphins, Eels, Lion Fish, Nassau Groupers, Octopus, Red Snappers, Turbots and Wahoos are all a part of that division. The first pitch in this particular division will be thrown on January 14, that’s when the Eels and Groupers will take to the field. On Saturday, the Octopus and Barracudas will look to see who have the hottest bats, while the Red Snappers and Turbots get it on, on Sunday.

The Coach pitch division will host seven teams this year, the Bees, Boas, Dragon Flies, Green Turtles, Mosquitoes, Red Ants and Wasps. One game will be played on that day, the Mosquitoes taking on the Bees. On Sunday, the Dragon Flies will go up against the Green Turtles.

There has been an increase in numbers this year which founder of the league, Greg Burrows Sr. was proud to announced. He said: ”The vibes we have gotten is great, from all around. The energy from the kids, because all of them want to be a part of one of the teams that will be going off, so they can repeat this thing.

“I am more afraid than anything else. We have more than 700 kids and it is growing, so the challenge is how are we going to play 44 teams in a program that once had 300 or 400 players. So excited, yes I am, afraid some what.

“Our thing is we now have to step up to the plate. The executives and all the persons in Freedom Farm, I always tell them that we ought not fold under any circumstances, we have to step up to the plate and make this thing happen based on any number. So as far as the league, it has already expanded and it is going to expand more.”

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