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Archbishop Pinder calls for more civility, respect for law

Roman Catholic Archbishop Patrick Pinder said yesterday that civility is losing ground in The Bahamas.

He said that Bahamians are becoming more and more resistant to any form of discipline.

While addressing the annual Red Mass held at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral, Archbishop Pinder said the abandonment of civility, and the lack of respect for law and order have led to criminality.

He reminded that:”Laws provide the foundation and the structures that enable us to lead orderly, productive and even pleasant lives.

“Civility is not just about being nice but it incorporates mutual respect. It speaks of our respect for individual differences and it speaks of respect for boundaries. True civility causes us to protect the rights of others as we protect our own,”said Pinder, the head of the local Catholic church.

Archbishop Pinder noted that civility is the glue that binds individuals into a well-articulated and functioning community.

“Civility is that fragile line that separates us from chaos,”he said.

But, he noted that too many Bahamians continue to be blinded by greed. He said many Bahamians continue to gamble and depend on luck, while only a few continue to push and save.

He asked whatever happened to hard work, discipline and self-sacrifice?

Archbishop Pinder said the members of the legal profession and the judiciary bear a special privilege and responsibility as guardians of public order and peace.

He described their task as heavy at any time, but especially in these challenging times, and said it is fitting that they invoke the guidance of the Holy Spirit at the beginning of this year.

The archbishop encouraged the members of the legal profession to go forward in courage.

Among those in attendance were Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham, Chief Justice Sir Michael Barnett, Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs Senator John Delaney, President of the Court of Appeal Anita Allen, and members of the judiciary and the Bahamas Bar Association.

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