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Budget for Saturday January 7, 2011

Budget for Saturday, January 8, 2011

EDITORIAL(Saturday)-Old Editorial

OPINION: (Saturday)-Erica sending

LETTER(Saturday)-Erica sending



1. police beat woman follow-up(Page 1-lead)

WRITER:Brent Dean

PHOTO: Photo of victim

2. Dead baby in GB(Page 1-#2)

WRITER: Freeport News(Devin’s queue)

PHOTO: may send photo

3. Body found at Carmichael(Page 1-#3)

WRITER: Chester Robards

4. Cable and Wireless ad(Page 1-#4)

Chester Robards

5. Food Price(Page 1-#5)

WRITER: Chester Robards

Page 2 jumps

6. BUT statement(Page 3-lead)

WRITER: Brent Dean

7. BEC statement(Page 3-#2)

WRITER: Juan McCartney

8. Sewer spill in GB(Page 4-lead)

WRITER: Freeport News

9. Crime(Page 4-#2)

WRITER: Brent Dean

10. School donation in GB(Page 5-lead)

WRITER: Freeport News(Devin’s queue)

11. Desmond Bannister in Freeport-Grant(Page 5-#2)

WRITER: Freeport News(Devin’s queue)

NB: Stand alones can help fill pgs. 4 and 5

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