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COB Accounting Diploma Course

The rationale has been that over the past years the school of business and the admissions department and the department of Continuing Education And Extension Services has been inundated with requests for a programme of study from students and members of the public who do not have a degree in accounting and who are desirous of pursuing the uniform certified public accountants examination and/or acquriring the accounting knowledge and skills to perform their work effectively. this proposed diploma in accounting is designed to meet this need. to develop this program faculty in the school of business contacted graduates who had successfully completed the BBA accounting programme and the uniform certified public accountants examination within the last three years and were employed with a public accounting firm. BAsed on their feedback, faculty identified and organized sequence of courses that would assist students in preparing for and meeting the academic criteria to successfully complete the examination and/or to carry out their responsibility in the workplace. So the diploma in accounting’s aim is to help students acquire specific knowledge and skills in accounting and prepare become more efficient in the workplace and prepare students to sit the certified public accounting examination.

full time will take about 3 years

part time about 5 years

entry level qualification is a bachelors degree

“This has a lot of potential in reaching the general Bahamian populatoin especially those persons who are looking at transitioning or upgrading their accounting skills.”

?how will it be rcect by community

“Based on the feedback we got from our graduates, it seems to be something that will be well received, not just by COB graduates but by persons working within accounting and finance offices with Bachelors degrees.”

The program consists of 36 credits. They can enroll in Spring and Fall

“In many instances the alternative is to seek enrollement in what I consider as being sub-standard institutions or questionable programmes, and we don’t want our people to spend 2 to 3 years in some non accreddited programme only to find out that their work is not accepted by their employer.”

Once you have a Bach, this diploma would allow you to sit the CPA.

“There are a lot of people out there with bachelors degrees who are looking at perhaps career development, and we have some persons with other degrees who end up working in accounting or finance offices and so this is an ideal opporutnty for them to appropriately qualify themelves and approve their content and skills.”

Priced according to College’s regular tuition fees.

HOD Accounting Karen Lockhart(check spelling)

Call Reece 6:30 p.m. 558-7008

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