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BCPOU head blasts CWC ads

President of the Bahamas Communications and Public Officers Union(BCPOU)Bernard Evans has blasted Cable and Wireless Communications(CWC)for advertising top level positions at the Bahamas Telecommunications Company(BTC).

Evans noted that the advertisements are running although the deal between the government and CWC for the sale of 51 percent of BTC is not yet finalized.

Evans called the ads a”slap in the face.”

“We were not surprised to see this type of action,”he said.”We were prepared for this.”

Evans said the government needs to indicate what authority CWC has to advertise positions at BTC.

The ads recently began surfacing on the Internet.

While the company’s executives toldThe Nassau Guardianlast week that one of the jobs is exclusively for Bahamians, no ads have appeared in local media.

The ads said CWC recently acquired a telecommunications company in The Bahamas. However, the government made no announcement that the deal has been finalized.

“If they say this has to go through Parliament to be debated and then voted on and then go to the Upper House to be debated and gazetted, I can’t see under what grounds they are doing it. And who is providing work permits for such,”Evans said.

The government and CWC signed a memorandum of understanding on December 1 for the purchase of the 51 percent stake in BTC for$210 million plus stamp tax.

Advertisements have surfaced for a head of communications, which CWC executive Lachlin Johnston said is necessary to create better press and a more favorable public persona.

So far, the ads have been posted on

Through its local public relations agency, Diane Philips and Associates, CWC released a statement on Friday about the online ad:”It is an ad to hire a Bahamian person on an interim basis to advise CWC/LIME as we are working on the transaction.”

Johnston said at this time no candidates have applied for the position and the company will likely seek out the person it would like to hire.

CWC insisted through its public relations agent that the”ad is for a short-term consulting appointment and is not for a BTC employee”.

Evans said this speaks to the fact that CWC trying to cut Bahamians out.

“Once again Bahamians have been placed in a position where they need not apply,”he claimed.”And this is the company the government wants to sell the majority stake to. Again, we caution that CWC is not good for the country.”

A second ad seeks an individual for the position of’senior technical program manager’.

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