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Challenges lead to possibilities

Once again let me remind you my valued readers of one of my favorite sayings which is packed with Spiritual TRUTH; everything is in’Divine Order’….yes it most certainly is!You see, so often when we’re having severe challenges in life, we need to fully realize, that in the true spiritual context, whatever challenges we face, if tackled in the right frame of mind, will indeed lead us ultimately to some great possibilities for advancement on the road to success. There was a great piece written in the September/October edition of The Daily Word which reiterates what I’m endeavoring to highlight here today, that’Challenges lead to possibilities’.

It reads as follows”There are cycles in nature I can count on. Summer follows Spring, Fall follows Summer, and then come Winter and Spring again. Plant life is also cyclical in nature. The seed germinates into a young shoot, which grows into a mature plant. The plant produces seeds, which are dispersed, they carry within them the potential for new life, and the cycle continues. My life is also in Divine Order. Even during times of difficulty, I know better times are ahead. Yesterday’s problems are past, and new life has replaced them. Today’s challenges are preparing me for tomorrow’s possibilities. Everything in nature and in my life is in Divine Order”.

What an excellent piece of writing that is from The Daily Word, which contains a whole lot of practical, Spiritual Wisdom, which we need to, at all times keep at the forefront of our mind, for it is indeed The TRUTH that’Challenges lead to Possibilities’.

So My Friend, when you encounter any challenges in your life today;

always keep in mind, that when properly tackled and dealt with in a totally positive frame of mind, they will ultimately lead you to some wonderful opportunities for advancement in your life. The keys to getting ahead today are twofold.#1. You firstly fully understand this simple principle’Challenges lead to Possibilities’and#2. You vow to at all times face literally all of your challenges, no matter how severe, with P.M.A., a Positive Mental Attitude

When you consistently do this My Friend, your life will be full of contentment, inner peace, and ultimate success….I guarantee it!So in the future, you should really welcome all challenges as’Opportunities for Growth’for this is what they are in reality. So, in conclusion, once again ALWAYS be most positive, even when confronted with severe challenges of any kind, for they will indeed lead to Great Possibilities.


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