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Family mourns for murdered teacher

Denise Adderley’s sister, Dr. Nicole Adderley, searched feverishly yesterday at their home for a photo of her sister that could be published in the media. Her sister, Denise Adderley, a 39-year-old Uriah McPhee pre-school teacher, disliked taking pictures. Nicole knew which photos she would have objected to.

Many of the photos she scanned through were memories of happier times. Nicole’s last memory of her sister was when she walked out the front door of their home on Sunday night. Minutes after they said goodbye to each other, Denise was shot to death at a Texaco service station at Wulff Road.

“I literally watched my sister walk out of this house Sunday night,”said Nicole.”This family is overwhelmed with grief.”

Denise left behind a three-year-old daughter. She traipsed about their home yesterday seemingly oblivious to the tragedy that struck her family a few days ago.

“I think her age is protecting her,”said Nicole.

She has inquired several times about the whereabouts of her mother, but cannot fully understand the answers to her questions, the aunt said.

“Mommy went away with the angels,”is what Nicole said she tells her niece.

Nicole had to perform the difficult task of identifying her sister’s body. Denise was shot multiple times about the body, according to police.

“It sounds repetitive, but I could live my whole life and not go through that(viewing the body),”she said.

“It was awful. I know what my sister looked like. I know the pain she felt at the time of her death. I know she was there alone and I can’t imagine what she went through.

“Sunday night and Monday have been the two worst days of my life. I don’t think it could get much worse.”

Nicole, who is the mother of a seven-year-old boy, now has two children to raise.

“At the moment they told me my sister died, I got two kids,”she said.”I went from one son to a son and a daughter.”

And while her sister died unnecessarily, Nicole said she does not have the capacity to hate the person who shot her.

“I have bigger problems,”she said.

“I have a child to raise and to turn that child into a productive citizen.

“I don’t have(anything)to give him, because I have too much on my plate. Hate consumes and it also prevents you(from)moving forward. I have to love and be kind to my family.”

Nicole said she is confident that there will be justice for her sister’s death. She offered thanks to police, who captured a suspect shortly after the killing.

Condolences poured out from Denise’s school on Monday. The school also closed early that day to honor the slain teacher. Counseling for teachers and students was also offered.

“The Minister of Education, The Honorable T. Desmond Bannister, joins with senior officials and staff of the Ministry of Education in expressing condolences to the immediate and school family on the untimely passing of Ms. Denise Adderley,”a release from the ministry said yesterday.

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