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Four J’s Enterprises launching discount card

Preparing for expansion of a different kind, Four J’s Enterprises is looking to breathe life into a new business idea in The Bahamas.

The company has been in operation since 2007 and specializes in selling natural and dietary supplements. It is taking a different turn from its standard offering and is on the heels of launching a National Discount Card, which will allow Bahamian consumers to receive discounts on their purchases and create more exposure for businesses.

President of Four J’s Jason Deveaux toldGuardian Businessyesterday that the benefits for both the customer and participating companies will be great.

“Because we touch and target so many businesses we can see how we can be a continued benefit to the community that patronizes us, and when they receive a card that allows them to have savings it encourages them to shop more,”Deveaux said.”Businesses will benefit in a way because they can set their level of discount and every time we advertise they will be mentioned by us as a participating store.

“All parties will experience benefits from our National Discount Card.”

Persons buying the card will pay a one-time fee of$20 to Four J’s Enterprises and will be able to use it at any business that is utilizing its service. In order for companies to be eligible, they will have to file an application at no cost. After the application is approved, that business would be included in all of the advertisements carried out through various media outlets and a decal will be placed in stores that take the card.

Four J’s Enterprises Office Manager Deborah Bean toldGuardian Businessthat the discount card will hopefully be utilized by multiple companies in Nassau and the Family Islands.

“By the end of this year, we are targeting to have at least 1,000 businesses on board,”Bean said.”We’re trying get as many stores using our card as possible, as it will create more traffic for them knowing that customers will have an opportunity to save a couple dollars and businesses will benefit from the amounts of advertising they will receive.”

The new offering will be officially launched at the end of the month and Bean said several business have already expressed interest in utilizing the card. Bean added that since no additional equipment has to be purchased by participating companies to accept the card, it wouldn’t hurt them to at least try it out.

“There is no common cash card we use in The Bahamas so we are taking leaps and bounds with this National Discount Card,”he said.”We have a unique concept and we are optimistic that it will catch on over here.”

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