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Krys Rahming and Associates changes name to KryS Global

Krys Rahming and Associates has changed its name to KryS Global.

The name change follows the company’s recent growth into several international markets. Managing director of the company’s Bahamas office Edmund Rahming told Guardian Business yesterday that he expects to see many benefits from the new name going forward.

“Being under one name and logo signifies the unity of the firm and provides a single identity, so our clients understand that we are one firm and that we share resources under the different offices in the network,”Rahming said.”It’s a way of moving forward for the firm and we move to better serve our clients and maintain the vision we have for the firm.”

KryS Global is a specialized corporate recovery, insolvency and forensic accounting firm that operates in several countries in the Caribbean. Rahming mentioned that each of the four locations in the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin islands, Bermuda and The Bahamas operated under a different name and logo, and shifting towards sharing a single brand between the countries is a big step moving forward.

“We’ve expanded from Cayman into the British Virgin Islands and The Bahamas, and we’ve also set up some key strategic alliances with firms in Asia and in the far East,”he said.”The firm has grown tremendously over the last few years and this name change represents the coming together of the four offices within the Caribbean. Each of the physical locations prior to this had a different name and different logo.”

Founder and Chief Executive Officer Kenneth Krys asserted that the name change will further increase the firm’s global transparency and demonstrates the company’s commitment to international expansion.

“With offices in four countries, we are in a strong position to offer solutions in key offshore centers in the Caribbean,”Krys said.”Our continually expanding international and cross-border experience now positions us to enter into strategic alliances with firms worldwide.

“We hope our coming together as KryS Global will demonstrate our growth and expansion, as well as the culture of an independent organization that is not only forward thinking but also international in breadth and highly personalized service,”he added.

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