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Marathon Bahamas taking second step

This is Sunshine Insurance Marathon Bahamas week!

Last February, the first Marathon Bahamas was held and the success was beyond the expectations of many. There were two primary factors that had some wondering.

Firstly, Marathon Bahamas(I)was a virgin affair and as such subject to all of the growing pains, mistakes, second guessing and apprehension. Nevertheless, with Chairman of the Board of Directors Franklyn Wilson determined and persuasive, the event was a success.

Wilson and company made it happen in a rather wonderful way. Marathon Bahamas(I)was the kind of milestone that will be remembered for years to come. A Bahamian, Delroy Boothe, won the inaugural race and the organizers were on sound footing and actually chomping at the bit for more.

So here we are, less than a year from the February 14 date of the first Marathon Bahamas and prepared to add to the growing legacy. Here in the Bahamas, a lot is often taken for granted and the magnitude of many accomplishments is not always appreciated by all.

The Marathon Bahamas concept is huge. We are not anywhere near the league of the Boston Marathon, the New York Marathon, the London Marathon and others of that ilk but the signs are good. Most impressive is the tremendous body of work addressed and dealt with by virtual newcomers to the scene of marathon organizing.

Last year a little miracle was

performed by the Marathon Bahamas Board, to get all of the necessary pieces in place in such a short time. The lead time for this occasion was more in keeping with the normal process.

There was still a lot of work to be done however. There is some scrambling going on now and that will continue right through this week. It is apparent though that the events leading up to the’big race’day, Sunday, January 16 are going to be in order.

It is too early for congratulations, but knowing of the many obstacles in general, the Sunshine Insurance Marathon Bahamas team had to clear up to this point, some back patting is appropriate.

Residents of New Providence ought to line the route from the Long Wharf start, east along Bay Street to the two Paradise Island bridges, further east around Montagu, down Shirley Street to the far West Bay and back to Arawak Cay, in large numbers.

Other sub features include the half marathon, the Susan G. Komen race and the relay. In all, a’bonanza’of marathon activities is in store for participants, spectators, volunteers and organizers. Very quickly, Marathon Bahamas has become the major sporting attraction on the nation’s annual calendar.

The view here is that the future will see the event grow immensely and one day…yes hopefully one day, Marathon Bahamas will be spoken of around the world marathon fraternity in the same breath as the famed Boston event and others.

Best wishes to the Chairman Wilson, the entire Marathon Bahamas Board, its associates and helpers.

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