Monday, May 25, 2020
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More than $100k stolen in scam, say police

Police suspect that an organized crime ring has stolen more than$100,000 from victims through an elaborate scam.

The Business and Technology Management Section at the Central Detective Unit(CDU)suspect that the ring has scammed dozens of victims.

Inspector Matthew Edgecombe, a commercial crimes investigator, toldThe Nassau Guardianthat the scam artists place advertisements in local newspapers pretending to sell items such as cars, leaving a contact number for would be victims.

The scammer then seeks to convince the victim to put money into an account to get the item.

The group also advertizes for handymen and secretaries. Once a victim calls in, the scammer says he is a fisherman out to sea and he needs the victim’s bank account number in order to make salary payments or for customers to make payments for fish.

Edgecombe explained that the money stolen is then transfered to the account of those’hired’as employees. They are used to withdraw the money and are directed to take it to the desired location of the scammer.

“After a point, the person cuts them off,”said Edgecombe.

Police are advising consumers to be careful when advancing funds to sellers in order to avoid being taken advantage of.

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