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Saluting coach Bain’s perspective


There is the Bobby Knight’s in-your-face intimidating character in coaching. Then, you have the cool, calm, steady approach, like that of the late John Wooden.

Coach Norris Bain has remarkable qualities and is knowledge of the game of basketball like Knight and Wooden, but, his sober perspective generally, is more in keeping with the former University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) hard-wood genius, Wooden.

The Bahamian basketball coach is the most prolific designer of court plays in the storied history of the Hugh Campbell Tournament. Starting in 1995, his Tabernacle Baptist Christian Academy squads have won six Hugh Campbell titles, the last one in 2010. He is a smooth, even-tempered mentor who brings out the best in his players.

Coach Bain is right up there among the best ever in high school basketball. Yes, his name can be mentioned in the same breath with the late ‘Lou’ Adderley, John Todd, Gladstone ‘Moon’ McPhee, Kevin Johnson and a few others. Above winning though, most importantly Coach Bain advocates that the best interest of young athletes should be the primary focus.

That’s why, as one of the leading principals in Grand Bahama who is closely connected with the island high school sports program, he intends to do his part to ensure that”cooler heads”prevail and the controversy that involves the Grand Bahama Secondary Schools Sports Association (GBSSSA) and the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations (BAAA), comes to an end.

Last year, the BAAA suspended three coaches(two of them from Grand Bahama)for”reported”actions at the famed Penn Relays in the United States. One of the Grand Bahamian coaches was Wayne Smith who Coach Bain went on record, being in full support of. Even now, he does not feel Smith ought to have been suspended.

Recently, word went out that the GBSSSA will not take part in any BAAA events. The “protest” decision is in support of the suspended Grand Bahamian coaches. In such a case, student/athletes within the Grand Bahamian secondary schools system will miss out on opportunities to qualify for world junior and youth competitions including the grand-daddy of regional sports, the CARIFTA Games and also the Nationals.

Is this fair? Should the young athletes of Grand Bahama be thrown into the middle of the controversy?

I don’t think so. Here, Coach Bain with his refreshing overview draws the line also.

“I thought the matter was finished with. Then I heard that the association will not be taking part in the BAAA meets because of the suspensions. I would like to revisit the minutes of the meeting out of which came the decision. I think it is a case where cooler heads should prevail. We (Grand Bahama Principals) are to meet this weekend with the association. We have to allow our young athletes to make full use of opportunities to qualify for events like CARIFTA,” said Coach Bain.

At no time during our discussion did Coach Bain speak out against the GBSSSA or in favor of the BAAA. This is indeed an issue whereby, it’s not particularly about the Grand Bahamian sports body or the BAAA. Coach Bain simply believes fervently that the interest of the young athletes is the number one factor.

I agree and applaud the coach for taking the noble, honorable position, which might not go down well with some in his Grand Bahama environment. Hopefully however, all will come around to understanding him in this instance. Bravo Coach Bain!

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