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URCA publishes final decision on BTC’s RAIO

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company(BTC)has 29 business days left to amend and resubmit its draft Reference Access and Interconnection Offer(RAIO)to reflect the Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority’s(URCA)final decision on its previously submitted draft RAIO.

Yesterday URCA released its Response to the Public Consultation and Final Decision on the draft RAIO. The draft lays out the terms and conditions under which BTC will offer access and interconnection to other licensed operators(OLOs).

“URCA appreciates that the development of RAIO is a complex and difficult task and recognizes that the BTC’s first RAIO is generally of good standard,”read the release.”Although URCA has made a number of comments and requires BTC to make a number of changes to ensure the RAIO is effective and in line with BTC’s[Significant Market Power](SMP)obligations, URCA’s comments do not detract from the effort made by BTC.”

The final decision and response document addresses the general terms of the draft RAIO, the structure of BTC’s charges for interconnection services and enabling components, and the level of RAIO charges. The document also includes URCA’s response to comments on the RAIO consultation and URCA’s reasoning and final decision on required changes to individual clauses in the draft document.

The Final Decision document takes into consideration non-confidential comments and submissions from entities responding to URCA’s consultation document on BTC’s RAIO. The respondents were BTC, Cable Bahamas, SRG/IndiGO and LIME/Cable&Wireless. The consultation document, published 7 September 2010, contained URCA’s views and proposed amendments to BTC’s draft RAIO.

Once BTC submits its amended RAIO, URCA will review the document to ensure that all of the changes have been satisfactorily implemented, and that any obligations made to other operators which were deemed inappropriate or unnecessary to manage the interconnection regime are removed, according to the release.

After the review, URCA will advise BTC of whether or not any further amendments are necessary. Once all amendments are made to URCA’s satisfaction, BTC may request confirmation from URCA that it is in compliance with its RAIO obligations.

The Response to the Public Consultation and Final Decision on BTC’s Draft RAIO can be downloaded at under the”publications”tab. The document is referenced”ECS 01/2011″.

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