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We’re all survivors

A few Sundays ago, I was watching the program’Sunday Morning’on CBS with Host Charles Osgood. On that program they usually have a segment dealing with someone quite famous in the world of showbiz. On the particular show I was watching they were interviewing Keith Richards lead guitar player with The Rolling Stones, and Co-writer with Mike Jagger of some of their greatest hit records over the years. Keith Richards has written his biography which is simply titled’My Life’. At one point in the interview, the interviewer said to Keith Richard, who is well known for his drug addiction and party lifestyle over the years”You’re a Survivor”, to which Keith Richard replied, as he took another large drag on a cigarette”We’re all survivors”yes indeed we are, when you come to think about it.

Just about everyone has survived some tragedy, some really sad event in his or her life. For example: A whole lot of people have survived a not so good childhood, perhaps one packed with poverty, and maybe violence. However, here we are today doing well in our life….we’re a survivor!A whole lot of people have survived a serious illness like cancer, and are now literally glowing with excellent health….we’re a survivor!Still others will have had to endure years and years of sheer hell in a bad marriage or personal relationship. But somehow, with faith in our God, we did indeed survive those terrible years, finally getting a divorce, and are now completely free….we’re a survivor!

My Friend, today’s lesson is really a most important one, and in a nutshell it’s this. When you’re going through a difficult time in life,

never lose sight of The FACT, that A. your Spiritual Father, God is always with you. He will never abandon you, for He is in reality WITHIN you, at the very center of your being where He dwells 24/7. He will give you the strength, the Spiritual Stamina to keep going, even in the most difficult situations. And B. You must always remember to remain, no matter how difficult, in a Positive Frame of Mind KNOWING, that with God’s help you too will indeed be a’Survivor’.

Don’t ever give up on life, always know that you and God together can indeed survive any so-called tragedy, and once again emerge greatly toughened and indeed triumphant from the situation. You My Friend, are a’Survivor’. Yes indeed you are!So, you now know, that whatever comes your way in the future, you are fully equipped to beat it, and emerge a True Winner.


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