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Holy Family Anglican Church, Mortimer’s, Long Island, Celebrates Feast of Title

Holy Family Anglican Church in Mortimer’s, Long Island. It has a long history that dates from the early 1900’s. The Church’s history involves preaching, teaching and molding the basic social unit the’family’.

This church has played a pivotal role in Long Island history many youngsters who grew in the southern most settlements of Mortimer’s or Gordon’s attended this church for Sunday school and Sunday morning worship.

And this past Sunday January 9, 2011 at 3:00pm members from North and South joined together for corporate Eucharistic celebrations at Holy Family in Mortimer’s. St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s Anglican parishes from the North and South Long Island respectively welcomed high spirited Priest Vicar at Christ Church Cathedral Rev. Fr. Colin Humes. Fr. Burton, Rector of St. Peter’s Parish would be the chief celebrant for the concelebrated Eucharist Mass, Fr. Jonathan Archer, Rector of St. Paul’s Parish would assist at the altar and Fr. Colin Humes would preach the sermon in this historic church.

In Fr. Colin Humes’preamble before the sermon he brought greetings from the Cathedral and Dean of the aforementioned Cathedral, Dean Patrick Adderley. Fr. Humes took his text from the Gospel appropriate for the Eucharist Luke 2 verses 41-51. Luke the evangelist records the events that surrounds Jesus visit to the Temple. In the passage the parents of Jesus are frantically searching for Him and when He is found, He told them,”Did you not know that I must be in my Father’s house?”Fr. Humes then asked the church”Are you on your Father’s business?”Humes posited that we in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas especially the capital New Providence have seen deter ration of the family structure. He reminisced on his childhood growing up in a Christian family and recognizing that Sunday was a day of worship and a day people spent venerating their Creator. He reminded the congregation that if any corrections and amendments must be made to the moral fabric of society it must start primarily with the family structure. Finally, he admonished the family driven church to encourage family worship time, family play time and definitely family Bible study time to ensure that Long Island maintains it quiet tranquil and serene ambience.

Afterwards members congregated in the foyer of the church for refreshments.

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