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Local lawyers attend top legal conference

With fewer than 100 of the world’s top law firms represented among the selective membership of the International Lawyers Network(ILN), the prestigious body welcomed two attorneys from Nassau-based Halsbury Chambers to its annual regional conference in Houston, Texas.

Halsbury Chambers is the only Bahamian firm invited to become members of the ILN, which has 5,000 members worldwide and only one firm selected per country from smaller jurisdictions. Halsbury Chambers Partner Nerissa Greene and the firm’s Investment Funds/Securities Specialist Samantha Pratt both described their experience at the 2010 Americas Regional Conference of the International Lawyers Network as invaluable.

“The ILN is valuable in facilitating cross-border transactions and dispute resolution, in addition to providing a platform for the discussion of subjects that we don’t always hear at our own conferences, topics ranging from eco-liability as a result of the Deepwater Gulf oil spill, to consequences of personal identification outsourcing,”Greene said.”The conference was more than a good networking opportunity. It was an invaluable experience, reinforcing the need to maintain a constant vigil on information.”

In 2006 Halsbury Chambers hosted the ILN regional conference, the first time it was held in The Bahamas. The membership of the prestigious body is made up of 91 high quality, full service law firms with some 5,000 lawyers in 66 countries on six continents. Membership is by invitation.

Pratt said information sessions touching several subject matters made her experience even more worthwhile and it was an overall learning experience.

“”One of the most interesting discussions revolved around the ongoing responsibility for matters arising from personal identity information, liability that remains with the principal firm even if that company outsources data collection or other responsibilities involving personal information to an outside company,”Pratt said.

The conference also focused on other areas such as medical device and drug manufacturing, tax law, energy, real estate, sports law, estates and trusts, among others.

Greene said the ILN conference gave her a better appreciation for her profession and it also opened her eyes to law as a constantly evolving entity.

“The reality is that while the foundation is that rock solid strength, the daily decisions that come down from judgments in ours and other jurisdictions make law a living, breathing body of changing information,”she said.”It is absolutely critical to keep abreast of the dynamics all the time.”

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