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Renew yourfaith

It is crusade time again and it is your time to be renewed and find God in a new way. The beginning of the year may be the traditional time to make resolutions but it is also a great time to renew your faith in God, according to ministers of the Word. If you are one of the many persons who promised yourself to form a closer relationship with God this year and were wondering how you would accomplish this seemingly elusive goal the Church of God(COG)headed by Bishop John N. Humes invites you to come out to its annual crusade to make the first steps in doing just that.

“It is a new year and we need to start it right by involving God in our plans once again”says the national overseer.”Crusades are a perfect way to renew one’s faith because they are a focused revival series of services that speak to the people on different levels. When the different speakers come in they challenge the listeners by engaging in topics you may have thought about, but in a different way just to keep you thinking.

“This year our crusade is really something special. We are operating under the theme’Forward Together in 2011.’Although it has already started since Sunday, January 9, do not feel that you will miss out entirely because it will continue until Friday evening, January 14 where we will have the final service for the kids. And it will be the most explosive of them all. So far we have spoken about unity in the family, among women and reaching out for the unfortunate and those in need. We will be talking about the economic turn around awaiting us this evening and engaging our youth on Friday. This is something you truly do not want to miss.”

This year the COG is planning to make this event even more unforgettable with its line-up of speakers. The bishop says that while it is nice to have international speakers come in and give powerful speeches there is nothing that really drives a story home than someone who genuinely understands the country’s climate and situation and speaks from the pulpit. All the guest speakers are local ministers and they include Evangelist Reverend Rachel Mackey, COG’s director of evangelism; Evangelist Rev’d Dorothy Bain, COG’s national evangelist; Reverend Eileen Johnson, COG’s national youth director and Apostle Raymond Wells of Living Waters Kingdom Ministries.

“We want to reach out to our many worshipers and all other persons by making the services as relevant as possible. We don’t want a superficial message and I feel that this is going to be among the best crusades we’ve had yet. This year I foresee us experiencing a spiritual flood that will get us back to Christ where we belong. This is the year that we really will see a change. We are a beautiful and blessed country and sometimes we just need to remember that and return to the Creator who has given us His all.”

Bishop Humes invites all persons in need, looking for a good message or those simply looking to make a change to participate in the moving crusade. He says a spirit of peace will overcome the nation this year and more people will be able to control their emotions so that the violence around will lessen greatly–if not cease. The key, according to the national overseer, is to just return to the Lord and hear what He has to say to you this year. Even if you do not make it to this crusade, Bishop Humes urges everyone to attend at least one session so that they can receive the spiritual feeding that they have been longing for.

“I am really fired up and I can feel that this is the year and the time for us. We can do it if we just change our outlook and have more faith. This crusade will do more than just move you–it will change you. We hope to accomplish that as well as bring churches together in unity. This is why we invited a minister outside of ourselves in Apostle Wells because he is doing great thing and we recognize that alone we are good but together we can all become great. This is truly the year for change. This is absolutely the year for unity and you need to be there to be a part of it.”

When: Sunday, January 9-Friday, January 14

Where: Church of God Convention Center, Joe Farrington Road

Time: 7 p.m. daily

Cost: Free

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