Wednesday, Jun 3, 2020
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Striving for unity

Having read today’s title, are you My Friend, always’Striving for Unity?We1l, what’s your honest answer to that question?Perhaps some are actually pondering it right now, saying inwardly to themselves, what exactly does D. Paul mean by that question; I mean, how can I personally’Strive for Unity’?Well, I guess that the very first thing that you really need to understand, both emotionally and intellectually, is that we’re ALL, with great emphasis on the word ALL’Children of God’

You see, as I write about over and over again in these articles, before we can really start to fully comprehend anything in life, we simply MUST accept The FACT, that we’re spiritual beings living in a spiritual world. So, as we’re ALL’Children of God’, we are in effect ALL Brothers and Sisters in the ONE Universal Family.

Why is it then, that instead of behaving as family, as the spiritual beings we are in reality, so many of us spend so much of our life by being Dividers of People?That’s right, as I take a close look at the present day world in which we all live at the beginning of the 21st century, I unfortunately see, a world full of people who are always striving to divide people into opposing groups, often continually warring factions?And who are these people whom I’m referring to?Well, let me deal with that question.

In my book’Time To Think’Vol. I there’s an article titled’The three major causes of problems in the world’, which is on page 319. And what My Friend, do you think these three causes are?Well, let me answer that most important question. They are#1. Politics#2. Religion and#3 Unions. And why do I say that they are the causes of all of the major problems in the world?Well, it’s really quite simple, all three are constantly dividing people up into fighting, warring factions throughout the entire world. My Friend, when are we all going to get it, when will we finally realize, that we’re ALL ONE and thus start to’Strive for Unity’; that is, true Spiritual Unity as members of the ONE Human Race, The Family of God?

I’m disgusted with religion for daily dividing us up into groups; Catholic, Methodist, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, etc. I’m also fed up with politics which also strives to divide us up into opposing political

parties, Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Liberal, etc. And of course The Unions of the world, who are forever instigating conflicts between employers and employees. Please, I implore you, to STOP IT!Instead, let’s focus on The FACT, that we’re ALL ONE, and thus start to live as ONE!



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