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Stage set for better times at Marathon Bahamas

The first Marathon Bahamas sprung up and although it made the kind of impact rarely experienced, in post discussions, sports pundits focused on ways to add luster to the event.

The relatively slow finishing time of winner Bahamian Delroy Boothe(2:59.31)was seen as one of the prime items that needed to improve in order for Marathon Bahamas to further develop a comfortable niche and increasing respect among the experts in the business.

Well, the defending champion took the”talks”personally and declared that he was on a mission to better his winning time of last year. Boothe holds the national record of 2:34.49. Last year, he just eased under the three-hour mark. That was good for Marathon Bahamas. At least the first winner went under three hours, although barely.

Come Sunday, January 16 however, the expectation will be for a finishing time around two hours and a half(2:30)

Boothe has been doing some build-up events. He’s been competing in Florida and has gotten down to 2:40. He said he is aiming to come in at the finish around his national record time. If he does that, it would be an incredible feat for the Grand Bahamian.

It’s been 13 years since he has gone so low. He is very determined however. The field has improved.

Carsten Bresser, Keith Brantly, Lisa Dorfman, Kim Pawletter, Simone Maissenbacher are the cream of the foreign crop, male and female, who collectively are that special dimension this time around.

Bresser has a personal best of 2:24.18. He is 40 and one the reasons the Sunshine Insurance Marathon Bahamas 2011 should very well outshine last year’s race. The chairman of the Marathon Bahamas Board, Franklyn Wilson, is beaming. He understands that the excitement level for Sunday’s race and the sub-affairs are very good indications that the event is building a very fine legacy, overall.

With marathons though, the winning time is always one of the main standards by which they are judged.

Bahamians, particularly those who hail from Grand Bahama, are looking for a repeat performance by Boothe. There is a group though that wants very much for the winning time to be something worth bragging about.

It would be great to see Boothe get into his national record vicinity. Anything under 2:40 would be excellent for the Sunshine Insurance Marathon Bahamas 2011.

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