Wednesday, Jun 3, 2020


Tie your shoelaces, grab your water bottle and head for the asphalt because the big day is all but here. The second annual Marathon Bahamas will kick off this Sunday at 6 a.m., and more than 500 local and international runners will be lining up at the starting line to compete in this memorable event.

For Bahamas Roadmaster member and marathon enthusiast Youlanda Deveaux there is no experience quite like running, and she hopes many more Bahamians will be interested in this new and different event.

“Running is an amazing experience and Marathon Bahamas is fantastic,”she said.”I participated in it last year and I was blown away. It is like no marathon that you have seen before because it covers a scenic and historic course that both foreigners and locals can thoroughly enjoy. Nowhere in the world can you see this view. It is well organized and incredible for all runners. There is very little difference between this marathon and any others you’d find around the world and it is interesting that this was accomplished in such a short time compared to others that have been around for decades.”

Although you may not think that you are a runner or even in shape for the full 26.2 miles of the full marathon, there is still time to enter for the half marathon which only covers 13.1 miles. Or you can gather a team of friends and enter the six-man relay. Either way you will be a part of this amazing experience and it will prepare you to do better in next year’s event.

The 26.2 mile route of the full marathon has changed slightly from last year’s as the run no longer extends to Old Fort Bay. However it does not take away from the beauty of the course. According to the official Marathon Bahamas site participants can expect to”start on the oceanfront, runners travel east through historic downtown Nassau with its colonial buildings, into the sunrise over the short high-rise bridge to Paradise Island, returning onto Shirley Street before enjoying the northern shore tour of Cable Beach and returning to finish at Arawak Cay oceanfront.

“The course is flat(except for two short bridges)and fast, with digital clocks provided. Fluid and entertainment stations are set up throughout the length of the course–as are spectator/cheering stations.”

But even if you are not a participant in this year’s marathon, you can go out to witness history in the making as elderly, young, local and international runners put their months of training to the test while experiencing paradise like they’ve never done before.

Deveaux, who will also participate in this year’s marathon, says that she can foresee this marathon becoming one of the five must-do marathons in the world because it is so different and unique. She hopes to see many Bahamians out to support the runners this Sunday, as it would mean a lot to them and the spectators would find that even watching from the sidelines is inspirational and a good source of entertainment.

When: Sunday, January 16

Where: Starting and ending points at Junkanoo Beach, Bay Street

Time: 6 a.m.

Cost:$120 at Expo

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