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Ten police-related deaths pending before Coroner’sCourt

Ten police-related deaths are pending before the Coroner’s Court including eight shootings, one choke hold death and one civilian death in custody, revealed the Attorney General’s Report 2010.

All cases involving people who die in police custody, or who die at the hands of the police, automatically go before the Coroner’s Court.

Owen Rolle, 35, of Monastery Park, who is alleged to have robbed the Bahamas Telecommunications Company and died in police custody after complaining about chest pains, is reportedly one of the cases pending before the court.

Last year police shot and killed several men including Shamaco Bradley Newbold, 19, who was killed in the Bain Town area in November. His death prompted a mob of individuals to set a car ablaze and stoned police officers and their vehicles.

According to the report, the total number of cases pending is 69 with 66 being public inquest cases.

Pending cases in the Coroner’s Court have seen tremendous decreases in 2010 and 2011 so far. Last year 229 cases were disposed of during January and November. Of those cases, 211 were processed by inquiry without a public inquest and 18 cases by way of public inquest.

Former Coroner William Campbell explained that cases that call for public inquest could up take to four months to get through the system for various reasons, while others could take a few weeks.

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