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The Komen for the Cure special marathon presence

The president of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Liz Thompson, has informed that her organization’s connection with The Bahamas began several years prior to the establishment of the partnership with the Sunshine Insurance Marathon Bahamas.

When Marathon Bahamas’Board Chairman Franklyn Wilson and the Komen associates announced the decision to be partners, in a virtual heartbeat, the status of the Bahamian sports/tourism/civic/social event soared.

The Sunshine Insurance Marathon Bahamas is now officially connected to a worldwide organization that will continue to positively influence the long distance running extravaganza for years to come. A main thrust of Komen for the Cure is the breast cancer fight. In The Bahamas, many women are in the breast cancer sorority. According to Thompson, Komen for the Cure began working with Bahamian breast cancer associates back in 2008. The link now to the Sunshine Insurance Marathon Bahamas fortifies the breast cancer battle in this country.

Thompson said:”The need is so great and yet the resources for working in breast cancer(initiatives)are so few. Making the challenge even greater is that women are diagnosed so young. In the U.S., the average age of diagnosis is 62. In The Bahamas, it’s 42, and, often the stage at diagnosis is advanced, making treatment a challenge. Together, we can change statistics and connect Bahamians to the support and treatment they need.”

So indeed, while the focus during Marathon Bahamas Week will understandably be on the main race, set for Sunday, January 16, I urge Bahamians to reflect upon the Komen for the Cure presence in the mix.

The Komen for the Cure people are to be congratulated for lending their world-respected brand, passion and overall assistance to the Marathon Bahamas effort. The week is a celebration of athletic performances and The Bahamas is one of the great sports nations in the world. It is for good reasons why this country is the mightiest, per capita, in sports. Bahamians relate very well to sports and the Komen for the Cure/Marathon Bahamas relationship is a double”positive.”

Wilson and his board are to be saluted also for recognizing the importance of partnering with Komen for the Cure. This is one of those feel-good situations that does a lot to balance the ills that concern us in our society. Welcome, Komen for the Cure!

Hopefully Komen for the Cure and Marathon Bahamas will partner on for decades.

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