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Four weekendmurders

Police over the weekend reported four more murders which raised the count for 2011 to seven.

Police said last night that shortly before 5 p.m. yesterday a man was shot outside a residence on Willow Tree Street in Pinewood Gardens. It is believed the man, who was not identified, was exiting his vehicle when he was shot.

Police reported that he was rushed to hospital by emergency medical personnel and died a short time later.

The other murder reported yesterday took place in the area of Gilbert Street, Kennedy Sub-division, shortly before 7 p.m., according to police.

Up to press time, police would only confirm that a male was shot and killed at Police said they did not know whether it was connected to the shooting in Pinewood Gardens.

In relation to another matter, on Saturday morning, police were called to a scene on Faith United Way after the partially nude body of a young woman was discovered near a dumpster.(See related story on page 1).

And in yet another incident, the O.K. Bar on East Street turned into the infamous O.K. Corral Friday night, when police shot and killed a man outside of the establishment and discovered another body within the establishment shortly after.

The body discovered was that of the first weekend murder victim.

Police reports revealed that at about 11:30 p.m. on Friday plain clothes officers in a police cruiser were patrolling the area of East and Hay Streets when they heard gunshots being discharged and noticed a crowd fleeing the area of the O.K. Bar.

Police said the officers then saw a man wearing a camouflage jacket and armed with a handgun run out of the bar shooting at a man dressed in a red, hooded jacket.

The officers, according to the police report, exited their cruiser and identified themselves to the man with the handgun, who then turned his gun in their direction.

“The officers identified themselves and shouted to the male armed with the handgun to drop his weapon,”the police report said.

“On hearing this, it is reported that the culprit pointed his weapon in the direction of the officers which resulted in the officers returning fire from their police service weapons, hitting the suspect to the chest area.”

The officers then recovered a handgun and ammunition from the man, police said.

Their report also revealed that as officers reviewed the scene at the O.K. Bar they discovered the body of a man wearing blue jeans and a brown shirt with a gunshot to the chin area.

Police said both men reportedly died at the scene.

Police are continuing their investigations into the matters.

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