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Lyford Cay Foundation donates to victims of Boxing Day fire

The Lyford Cay Foundation(LCF)has made an emergency gift of$10,000 to The Salvation Army of The Bahamas and Great Commission Ministries to help underwrite their efforts to provide shelter, food, clothing and other supplies to the victims of the devastating Boxing Day fire off Carmichael Road, which left hundreds of people homeless.

“The Foundation’s aim is to lend assistance that is likely to have a long term benefit, but we also recognize the critical nature of short term need and decided to act immediately to try to help the many men, women and children displaced by this tragedy,”said Kylie A. Nottage, Chair of LCF’s Gifts and Grants Committee.

“We have worked extensively with The Salvation Army of The Bahamas and Great Commission Ministries in the past, and we know that they are able to reach out quickly and effectively to get help to people in need in the community.”

The LCF has given a total of$139,968 to The Salvation Army and$25,718 to Great Commission Ministries over the years to fund their various philanthropic projects. These two groups–along with other non-profits, faith-based organizations and government agencies–mobilized right away to lend humanitarian assistance to the victims of the fire, primarily by providing them with food, water, clothing, blankets, pillows, cots and a host of personal care items.

Given their limited funds and the increasing demand for their services at this economically challenging time, neither organization was sure how long it would be able to keep up this work.

“The Foundation’s gift was very timely, as we were challenged with serving both our regular clients and the disaster victims,”said Minalee A. Hanchell, executive director of Great Commission Ministries, which provides emergency shelter and counseling, and feeds hundreds of people daily.”We will continue to reach out to the victims and their families.”

Marsha L. Kanady, community relations and development associate at The Salvation Army, expressed similar sentiments.

“The Lyford Cay Foundation’s gift will make a huge difference in our relief efforts for the fire survivors,”she said.”Disaster supplies are not cheap, and it takes funding to purchase these items. With this gift we will be able to assist more survivors with more of their immediate needs.”

The LCF Gifts and Grants Committee has disbursed more than$12 million to local charities and civic groups since it was established in 1969. For additional details on the Lyford Cay Foundation, Inc. and The Canadian Lyford Cay Foundation please visit

To make a donation or find out more about the Salvation Army’s numerous social and welfare programs visit or call 393-2340. Great Commission Ministries may be reached at telephone 325-5801 or by emailing

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