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Endowment for the Arts gives $25,000 to COB Winston Saunders Memorial Fund

Memorializing the man who was the driving force behind its establishment, the Endowment for the Arts made a$25,000 contribution on Friday, January 21 to the Winston Saunders Memorial Endowment at the College of the Bahamas.

Officials from the college and the Endowment, including its newest patron, Lady Foulkes, wife of Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes, gathered at Government House for the check presentation yesterday morning.

According to the chairman of the Endowment for the Arts, Emmanuel Mosko, it was an honor to memorialize the late Winston Saunders in this way. A former attorney and staunch advocate for the development of literature and the arts in The Bahamas, Mr. Saunders is widely regarded as a cultural and artistic icon.

“The members of the Board of Trustees feel that it is very fitting that we echo these sentiments, honoring Mr. Saunders, the driving force behind the establishment of the Endowment so many years ago,”said Mosko.

College president Dr. Betsy V. Boze said that the gift from the Endowment honors Saunder’s legacy and commitment to the arts.

“By making this significant contribution to the Winston Saunders Memorial Endowment, The Endowment for the Arts is supporting the talents and passion of both current and future students with a vested commitment to the arts, the quest for infinite discoveries and national development,”she said.

“In essence, this is what the late Winston Saunders lived and the legacy that he left through his deep involvement, connection and leadership in the arts and cultural communities. Today’s gift honors that commitment.”

The Winston Saunders Memorial Endowment supports the continued development of the arts and plays a key role in cultivating the country’s creative genius. The endowment funds an annual bursary to a student enrolled in the baccalaureate English Studies program at the college and who has distinguished him or herself in an artistic endeavor.

Dr. Gail Saunders, the cultural icon’s widow, thanked the Endowment for the Arts for its contribution.

“I thank both the college for establishing this scholarship fund and the Endowment for its generosity. The donation will increase the funds given by the College of the Bahamas and that raised through the efforts of Je’Rome Miller,”she said, thanking Miller as well.

Dr. Saunders added of her late husband,”His understanding of Bahamian societies and culture, his vision and sometimes bold initiatives and achievements contributed greatly to the development of culture in his beloved Bahamas, especially in the field of drama…

“He contributed mightily and enriched the lives of his relatives and many friends in this country and beyond.”

In 2006, the College of the Bahamas established the Winston Saunders Memorial Endowment with an initial contribution that has since grown to more than$50,000 through the generosity of donors and friends of the college, including Je’Rome Miller, an artist and former protégé of Saunders’. Miller has consistently raised funds for the Winston Saunders Endowment through the annual auctions of his paintings.

The$25,000 gift brings the total for the Winston Saunders Endowment fund to over$75,000. The interest earned from the funds in the endowment provides an annual bursary in perpetuity for a student at the college. English major, Deon Simms, is the first beneficiary of the bursary.

Dr. Saunders congratulated Simms on receiving the scholarship and wished him well.

The Endowment for the Arts has, over the years, awarded grants totaling over$60,000 annually to assist qualified applicants, both individuals and groups, in their creative efforts. Currently under the patronage of Lady Foulkes, the organization is now in full planning mode for its next fundraiser”Spring into the Arts”a gala luncheon to be held at Old Fort Bay on Saturday, March 12.

“Exploring new ways of thinking is what inspires the private wealth manager, economist, agronomist or engineer to consider variables that they might not have considered before. This is why the arts are so invaluable and why the College of the Bahamas supports, nurtures and encourages this kind of expression and academic commitment,”said Dr. Boze.

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