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BEC explains recent power cuts

The Bahamas Electricity Corporation(BEC)released a statement yesterday apologizing to the public for a spate of power outages that swept across New Providence over the past few weeks.

The statement revealed that the most recent generation falter on Wednesday occurred when a generator taken out of sequence for regular maintenance had difficulty coming back online when it was reinstalled.

“The outage experienced[Wednesday]was associated with generation at the Blue Hills Power Station which began around noon,”said the statement.”However, power was restored to the majority of customers by 2:30 p.m.”

While many Bahamians may have thought BEC was conducting load shedding exercises, as was asserted by a statement released by the Progressive Liberal Party(PLP)on Wednesday, the

corporation contends that”system instabilities”were to blame.

“The outages experienced by some customers during the last few weeks were not the result of a load shedding exercise,”BEC said in its statement.

“The short-term disruptions some customers would have experienced during the last few weeks were the result of system instabilities during off-peak hours.

“These issues are being addressed and should be rectified by the weekend.”

Ian Rutherford, who lives in Stapledon Gardens, said he has suffered power outages consistently over the past several weeks and was told by an engineer at BEC that the outages are occurring because the generators are”old”.

Rutherford said his power goes off several times per day. On the day he spoke toThe Nassau Guardianhe claimed his power was cut five times the day before.

He complained that his power goes off too often.”It’s not a good experience to every day have to deal with power outages,”he said.

Rutherford said he is afraid his appliances might be damaged, but he even more so lamented the fact that he has an electric stove in his residence.

BEC said generators are taken off-line during the winter for scheduled maintenance as there is low demand for power during those months.

“When there is low demand, generators at both stations are taken off-line to facilitate necessary maintenance,”said the statement.”But at all times, we ensure that there is sufficient generating capacity to accommodate the entire island.”

The statement also revealed that several generators at the Clifton Pier Power Station are out of service.

“Several of these units are out for planned maintenance activities while others are experiencing unplanned outages,”the statement said.

“Maintenance on one of the generators is expected to be completed today(yesterday), while maintenance on another is expected to be completed and returned to service by the weekend.”

The corporation insisted that the remaining generators will be returned to working condition shortly.

It apologized for the outages and reaffirmed its commitment to reliable, unfettered power.

“BEC apologizes for any inconvenience caused by the disruption and is committed to providing a consistent supply of electricity to its customers,”said the statement.

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