Tuesday, Feb 25, 2020
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Community activist

Acommunity activist, who recently spoke out about crime in his neighborhood, was shot twice yesterday afternoon, police said.

The man, identified by neighbors as Hansel Williams of West Dennis Court, Yellow Elder Gardens, was shot in the leg and stomach just feet away from his house. He was in serious condition in hospital late yesterday.

Police said Williams was painting a vehicle at his neighbor’s house when a gunman approached and shot him.

Inspector Raymond Butler said the victim ran home after he was shot.

Emergency medical services(EMS)personnel took him to the hospital.

The gunman was reportedly wearing a white shirt and black pants.

Police said while several people witnessed the crime no one reported getting a good look at the gunman’s face.

Bulter said anyone with information on the shooting should call the Central Detective Unit at 502-9991, or the nearest police station.

The act of violence shocked residents of Williams’neighborhood, who described him as a quiet man who spent most of his time working on boats and taking care of his sick mother.

“Of all the people I never thought it would be him. He never bothered anyone,”said an elderly woman.

“This shooting raises plenty concerns for me because I feel like I can’t even come outside and go on my porch. My grandkids can’t come outside to play because people are using guns. It makes me frightened for them.”

Another neighbor told The Guardian that he and Williams are both activists in the area. He said they assist police in various programs.

In other crime news, another man was detained in hospital in serious condition after he was stabbed during a robbery, according to police.

Police said the incident took place shortly after 8 p.m. on Wednesday in Wilson Tract.

A male was walking when he was approached by another male who attempted to rob him, according to the report given to police.

“A struggle ensued between the culprit and the victim which resulted in the victim being stabbed multiple times to the head,”police press liaison officer Sergeant Chrislyn Skippings said.

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