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Marathon heightens Miller’s sports passion


NG Columnist/Sales Executive

Leslie Miller is a businessman/politician and top flight in each category. He is the founder of Mario’s Bowling and Entertainment Palace, one of the finest facilities in the western hemisphere. As a politician, he has been sent to parliament in both the Sir Lynden Pindling and Perry Christie administrations. He is one of the most respected politicians in the country’s history. That is the case because Miller is a strong advocate for justice.

People know him and admire his devotion to the cause of the”small man.”Long before he became a public figure however, Leslie Miller was an athlete. He was the first Bahamian quarter-miler of note, who cracked the 47 seconds barrier(46.8)on the greatest of sports forums, the Olympic Games(1968 in Mexico City).

Today, 40-plus years later at age 62, Miller is still competing. He took part in the Sunshine Insurance Marathon event(running the half-marathon)on Sunday and according to him, he felt better this time around. Following the race, we chatted. He had high praise for the event and the organizers.

“This is a spectacular event. It is fantastic to have something like this right here in The Bahamas. I’m proud to be a part of this. It is good for sports and the country,”said Miller.

Then, he switched into a

passionate tirade, directed at a certain sector of Corporate Bahamas, the offshore banks.

“This event could be much bigger. I’m just so annoyed at these offshore banks,”he said.

Miller charged that there are those institutions that do quite well financially in this country and contribute very little toward the development of the nation, in particular events like Marathon Bahamas.

He emphasized that the same business concerns in”Canada and other places”as a rule are prepared to assist sporting programs financially in a substantial manner. However, here in The Bahamas, he pointed out,”they come and benefit and make all sorts of money because of the fruitful situation that exists for them.”

Miller has strong feelings on the issue. There are others who feel the same way he does. As is his character however, Miller is not afraid to speak out. He challenged the offshore banks in the land to step forward to provide solid financial support for events like Marathon Bahamas.

“There is no good reason why they can’t give quality financial support,”said Miller.

Indeed, they simply continue along their merry way, enjoying the fat of the land.

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