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Drug seizures dip

Sting operations during the first 11 months of 2010 led to the confiscation of nearly 600 pounds of cocaine, 10,000 pounds of marijuana, more than 35,000 marijuana plants and the arrest of more than 1,200 people, police revealed yesterday.

According to statistics from the Drug Enforcement Unit(DEU), police also confiscated$1,062,294.09.

Statistics show that in 2009 police seized 4,206.25 pounds of cocaine, 160 ecstasy tablets, 13,223.99 pounds of marijuana and 11,374 marijuana plants.

Additionally, police confiscated$3,475,202.30.

Assistant Commissioner Glenn Miller said police believe the numbers are trending down because of the work of the drug unit.

“Our intelligence suggests that the Drug Enforcement Unit, together with our partners have made it difficult for the traffickers to operate within The Bahamas,”he said yesterday at a”Meet The Press”event at Police Headquarters on East Street.

“Our divisional commanders working with the divisional intelligence officers will continue to focus on drug trafficking activities throughout New Providence and the Family Islands with the view of dismantling drug trafficking operations on street corners and back yards.

“We will be relentless in tracking down prolific offenders who have no regard for the bail system.”

Miller said DEU carried out 36 successful operations and executed 521 search warrants throughout The Bahamas.

He added that in 2010, DEU officers arrested 1,249 people and charged 1,076 of them. He said 848 of those cases have already been prosecuted.

Police also revealed that the force seized 351 illegal firearms and 6,224 rounds of ammunition last year.

Miller said police will continue to partner with international affiliates to identify who is responsible for importing illegal firearms into the country.

Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade said this year the police will continue efforts to reduce crime, enhance public safety, positively engage young people, improve traffic management responses, and protect the nation’s borders.

“We will also continue to target persons who traffic and possess illegal firearms as these weapons of destruction have exacted an unmerciful toll on our society,”he said.

“I believe that it is appropriate here for me to renew my call for our people to put down illegal weapons and to desist from a life of crime. I call upon all well meaning citizens to stand with us as we recommit to making our communities safe places to live, work, visit, and play.”

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