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Take your curb appeal to new heights with HSB plant sale

The eagerly anticipated”Horticultural Society of the Bahamas”(HSB)Annual Plant Sale will take place on Saturday, February 5 this year.

The event takes place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Bahamas National Trust’s headquarters, The Retreat, Village Road opposite Queen’s College.

This year’s event includes participation from the Horticultural Society of Abaco. Plant Sale Chairpersons Sarah Lobosky and Cindy Wilde say that the Abaco Society plans to charter a plane to attend the popular event.

“We are used to people hiring trucks for the event, but hiring a plane is a bit unusual,”said Mrs. Lobosky.

“We are thrilled that the HSB plant sale is so popular and has such a great reputation for well grown, reasonable

plants,”added Mrs. Wilde.

Said HSB Founding Member Sara Parker, who is also host of the television show Bahamas Realty Now,”It’s a great time and place to pick up living Valentine gifts or take your curb appeal to a new height.”

Bahamas Realty Now also features the HSB Plant Sale each year as a source of all important”Curb appeal.”

HSB President Dail Pearce said that the HSB plant sale will offer:”Water plants, roses, orchids, bromeliads, succulents, hedge plants, native trees, Palms from the Bahamas National Trust Committee, Avocados, mangoes, sapodilla, custard apple and other fruit trees, vegetable seedlings and bedding plants all at amazingly good prices.”

There will also be a”$5 and under”table for the first time.

“It’s a good chance to restock your garden and prepare for Spring Fever and Easter,”said Past President Rosemary Hanna.

Admission is free.

Plants range in price from less than a dollar to more than$100, depending on size and rarity. HSB members grow the plants and label them for sale with 10 per cent of the sale price going to the HSB.

Orchids grown by members and Flamingo Nurseries are a popular feature each year. The Potting Shed also will participate this year.

There are also hundreds, possibly thousands, of dramatic bromeliads, from tiny tillandsias or”airplants”to gigantic hybrids with a five foot long leaf. Members also often donate bare root plants to the sale for landscaping.”Beryl’s Tillandsias”always sell out fast.

No plants will be sold before 10 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 5. HSB paid up members must bring plants, labeled with proper sales tags, between 2 and 6 p.m. on Friday, Feb 4.

Founded by the late Sara Bardelmeier in 1984, the HSB conducts field trips and participates in horticultural shows.

Helping to beautify the nation is one of the society’s goals. As a result, unusual pants and sound advice on growing them are featured at the Society’s popular sale each year.

The HSB is now 26 years old and includes more than 100 members, including all of the garden clubs, top horticulturalists, and family island growers.

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