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Numbers point to crime hot spots

The central, southwestern and southeastern areas of New Providence were breeding grounds for crime in 2010, police statistics reveal.

Together those areas account for nearly half of the crimes recorded.

Of the 8,445 crimes reported in New Providence, 3,889 or 46 percent occurred in those areas.

Southeastern New Providence in particular was a hotbed of crime. According to police statistics, 1,313 crimes were reported in that area, including more than 400 house-breakings; 202 stolen vehicles; 130 armed robberies; and 15 murders.

Central and southwestern New Providence were close behind with 1,288 crimes reported in both areas last year.

Among other crimes, 515 house-breakings; 172 stealing reports; 202 stolen vehicles; 15 murders; and 112 armed robberies were reported in southwestern New Providence.

In central New Providence, 159 shop-breakings; 226 stealing reports; 300 stealing from vehicles; 238 stolen vehicles; and 117 armed robberies were recorded.

The most armed robberies, robberies and attempted robberies were reported in the Grove. According to police, 138 armed robberies, 54 robberies and eight attempted robberies were reported in this area of the island.

The airport division of New Providence had the lowest crime rate with only 53 reported crimes. An unlawful sex matter and an armed robbery case were the only reported crimes against the person in that area, according to statistics. Additionally, there were 23 stealing incidents; 19 stealing from vehicles cases; and nine stolen vehicle reports.

Fox Hill had 346 reported incidents, including two murders, 92 house-breakings, and 24 armed robberies.

In western New Providence, there were 397 criminal matters reported.

And while New Providence recorded the largest crime numbers, many Family Islands also reported various cases. According to statistics, 1,658 criminal reports were made in Grand Bahama. There were 122 crimes against the person and 1,536 crimes against property.

Additionally, there were 1,102 criminal matters reported on other Family Islands.

Eleuthera had the most reports of crime with 336 reported matters. Abaco had 236; Exuma had 168; Andros had 151; Bimini had 88; Long Island had 73; San Salvador had 22; Inagua had 14; Cat Island had 10; Acklins had three; and Crooked Island had one reported crime.

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