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Chapel on the Hill to host”The Power of Worship: I’m Still Alive”

With violence among young people becoming more prevalent in the last year, many church leaders are looking for ways to address this issue. Restoration Kingdom Ministries will be hosting”The Power of Worship, I’m Still Alive,”a youth conference to be held at the Chapel on the Hill church geared toward changing the violent and godless mindset that many youths have today.

The three-day conference will be action-packed. Johnathan Farrington, a member on the organizing committee, said that it will be something you will not want to miss.

The conference begins tonight and runs until Saturday, January 29.

“This is something that the youth and older folks will want to come out to,”he said.”There is a lot of negativity going on in our nation and we need to talk to the youth and show them another way. We do not want this to be just another youth conference so we intend to make these days unforgettable.

“Tonight we will have Pastor Nathan Wells, the youth pastor at Chapel on the Hill, as the guest speaker. He is really vibrant and heads a really active and lively youth group at the church. He is someone that young people should really enjoy listening to.

“On Friday night Pastor Cleveland D.X. Wells, senior pastor at Restoration Kingdom Ministries, will be speaking on the theme of the conference,’The Power of Worship.’He is a really good speaker and has been fundamental to the ultimate change in the life of Franky Camille, a young speaker in the conference that will be giving his testimony on Saturday. It will be really good and I think it will really touch and teach the youth a lot when they come out,”said Farrington.

To make the conference even more exciting, there will be many youth-oriented performances that will include dance groups like Prophetic Dance and praise and worship groups like Rhythm Destiny. Farrington said that the conference is about showing the youth that praising the Lord is not about singing and shouting all the time but building that personal relationship with God. He said that if you can perfect it on the inside, showing it on the outside should be no problem.

“There are many people who praise God in their body but not in their heart, which means they don’t have the foundation to make their faith and beliefs lasting. We want the youth to come out and see how important it is to praise God and how it should be done. This will be a very powerful conference and we do not want anyone to miss it.”

The conference, brainchild of Franky Camille, will be just what the youth need today. Camille, a member of Restoration Kingdom Ministries, said that the conference was a vision that he had late last year based on his own experiences, and a message he felt he had to share with other young people.

“The conference will be like no other,”said Camille.”I want it to speak life into the lives of the youth out there. I had my experiences with rejection, abandonment, abuse, depression and ailments and I still was able to make it through by the grace of God.

“I gave my life to God at the age of 12 and I have been involved in youth ministries ever since. I want young people to come out and see that there is another way and that they don’t need to succumb to gang violence, teenage pregnancy or any of the other negativities that exist out there. This will be a great conference and I do hope to see many people out for it.”

When: Thursday, January 27-Saturday, January 29

Where: Chapel on the Hill, Tonique Williams-Darling Highway

Time: 7:30 p.m. nightly

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