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Robin Hood lays off 12, hires 70 for new location

Robin Hood’s recent move to lay off about a dozen employees was due to a usual drop-off in business post-Christmas, yet the company has brought on about 70 new employees to man their new store.

Robin Hood owner Sandy Schaefer toldGuardian Businessyesterday the net payroll at his business is substantially up due to the soft opening of the new Prince Charles Drive store on January 8. He said that this is a normal attrition that happens with a move from the Christmas period to January, where the extra help hired for the season is laid off in the slower business period.

“Mostly it’s cashiers, because you don’t have the same volume you have during Christmas time,”Schaefer said.”You hire the extra cashiers to man the 22 registers open during Christmas time, and then you go back to the normal[requirements], which is about 12.”

Schaefer said the company actually kept the laid off employees about two weeks longer than usual. He estimated that in addition to about 10 cashiers, probably two others were laid off. Currently the chain employs around 260 people. Schaefer said that total does not include part-time workers.

The new Robin Hood store missed the lucrative Christmas season because building requirements set out by the Ministry of Works had not been met, but the store is set for an official grand opening tomorrow with a ribbon-cutting around 11:00 a.m.

It is located where the former 40,000-square-foot Pepsi Cola bottling plant stood on Prince Charles Drive and is easily accessible to the heavily-populated eastern area of New Providence.

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