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430 workers cast votes in BEWU elections

More than 430 line staff workers who are members of the Bahamas Electrical Workers Union, the labor body that represents line staff at the Bahamas Electricity Corporation, cast their ballots in the union’s election yesterday.

There were no reports of voter irregularities or allegations of voter fraud, but some members were of the opinion that whoever is elected to lead the organization must address a number of concerns, including that of privatization and job security, as well as accountability and transparency within the union.

Several members who spoke withThe Nassau Guardianclaimed there has been no accountability in the union within the last three years.

Presidential candidate Stephano Greene said that there is a lot to do within the union. He promised that if elected, he would take the union back to the powerhouse it used to be.

“One of the major things the membership was crying for was transparency and bringing information forth to them. That was lacking in this last administration,”Greene said.”One of the things our Family Island members have been agitating for is for Family Island representation on the executive board. In this election we have two Family Island representatives vying for the office of vice president and trustee. If those two persons get in, we will be able to say to our Family Island members that their voices will be heard powerfully on our executive board.”

Another presidential candidate, Clyde Cartwright said,”We must clean up the union and get our accounts back in order and get this union ready for privatization.”

Presidential candidate Paul Maynard had a similar view.

“We are in a rut where people are getting fired left, right and center and nobody seems to have the ability to stem the tide. In our days, management had the respect of the union and we had respect for management and that has been lost and we need to get back to that,”he said.

Up to press time last night there was no clear indication as to who won the presidential post. Unofficial results released toThe Guardianjust before press time from New Providence showed Greene leading with 148 votes, Cartwright second with 147 and Maynard with 138.

However, according to information reaching

The Nassau

Guardian,unofficial results in Exuma had Greene receiving 20 votes, Cartwright receiving six and Maynard receiving three.

Vice presidential candidate Urbin Smith was able to garner unofficially 29 votes to his opponent Shedrick McPhee’s one vote in Exuma.

Also coming from Exuma, the unofficial votes for the secretary general post revealed that Gina Russell received 24 votes to Dexter Cartwright’s three votes. For the assistant secretary general post, Nia Mills received 22 votes to Preston Albury’s three votes.

For the post of treasurer, Gina Russell received unofficially 13 votes to Vinteriee Rolle’s 11 votes. Aquila Knowles, who ran for the assistant treasurer post, received unofficially 28 votes to Kelsie Armbrister’s one vote.

The election came five months after president Dennis Williams relinquished the top post.

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