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Cacique Awards: The world comes to The Bahamas

The Cacique Awards never looked so good.

And tonight viewers will see just what makes this year’s ceremony a true crowd-pleaser. The highly anticipated event will kick off in grand style at the Wyndham Nassau Resort at 8 p.m. with entertainment that will blow you away.

This year the 14th Annual Cacique Awards will be more than just about announcing the most outstanding players in different areas in tourism, or even honoring your favorite performer for a hit song. It will be about bringing the real Bahamian culture and talent to the forefront and celebrating people who make a difference.

Clarence Rolle, promotional manager for the Cacique Awards, said that this year will be a show like no other.

“We really put a lot of effort to make this event special this year,”he said.”We want the public to thoroughly enjoy themselves so we got the public involved as well. Instead of just popular musicians performing we had an audition and invited the public to come out and put on their best performance. We chose the top eight persons and have been working with them. We are really happy to see that they are a really great ensemble and we’re sure what we have planned the people will enjoy.”

With the theme of this year’s ceremony being”The World Comes to The Bahamas”, you can expect a wide cross-section of entertainment. Items will stretch from the popular dances of Greece to a special Latin-infused performance by the Bahamas Salsa Social Network, and of course some traditional Bahamian dances and songs. This will be a cultural extravaganza like no other.

“Families, couples, whoever wants to come out will definitely have a good time. There is no doubt about that,”said Rolle.”The awards ceremony itself will be a lot of anticipation and fun. We already know who our Lifetime Achievement winner is: William”Bill”Saunders, the president of Majestic Tours. And our Hotelier of the Year Award will go to George Markantonis of Kerzner International. 

“These are already exciting to us, not to mention the various other awards that will only be announced on the night of the event. So you really should come out to support those who make a difference in this great industry as well.”

The coveted People’s Choice Awards for musical achievement is a tight race this year that can be won by anyone, according to Rolle. In the secular category the finalists are KB and the Sting for the hit”I is a Bahamian”, Terez Hepburn for her”You Ga Talk It”and the Spankband for the popular”Endless Medley”.

Individuals in the running for the Gospel category are Minister Terrance Forbes for his song”Plead the Blood”, Shabach for their hit”We Praise”and winner of last year’s Gospel Award, Minister Charles Drake for his”Back to the Ole Dayz.”

“We are really happy and excited about this event. People should really be interested and anticipating this ceremony. There will be good entertainment, good music and of course good company. We intend to get better and better with time and I can feel that this will be great. So we hope to see a lot of people out because this will be a night to remember,”said Rolle.

The Cacique Awards originated in 1995 from the merging of two major award ceremony events held in the tourism sector The Bahamas Hotel Association Awards and the National Tourism Achievement Awards.

When: Friday, January 28

Where: Rainforest Theatre, Wyndham Nassau Resort&Crystal Palace Casino

Time: 8 p.m.


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