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How’s is your’work ethic’?

Now, although I’m sure that we all have an idea of exactly what we feel’Work Ethic’really means; I went to my computer and logged on to the site’’and punched in the word’Work Ethic’. Now, here’s what it said”‘Work Ethic’is when one has integrity in their job. Main traits of a good’Work Ethic’are honesty, reliability, and to be hardworking”. Now, having read that explanation of exactly what’Work Ethic’is all about; let me ask you My Friend, the very personal, but oh so important question posed by today’s title’How’s your’Work Ethic’?’.

Well, before you rush to answer that one, I honestly believe, that you need to give it some deep thought. Do you have integrity in your work?In other words, are you deeply conscientious as you go about you work, day after day endeavoring to always produce work of a very high standard, and are you really beyond reproach in this matter?This is something to think about long and hard, before honestly answering.

When people are describing you at work, do you feel that they would say that you’re completely honest in all that you daily do and say, thus they have complete trust in you?Do others count on you to be completely reliable by always being there when needed, always doing work of a very high caliber?Finally, are you really hardworking, making sure that you always complete the tasks assigned to you each and every day?

Now, before the’Economic Bubble’actually burst around the world causing us all to face a new era of economic restraint and fiscal responsibility, thousands of businesses and government departments worldwide had too many employees, who quite frankly had terrible’Work Ethic’s….This is a FACT!But now My Friend, things worldwide have quite definitely changed as corporations large and small, and government departments have been forced by the very real financial situation to drastically downsize. Now all businesses and government entities have to perform efficiently with reduced manpower.

So it is vitally essential, that literally everyone who is lucky enough to presently be gainfully employed, pull his or her weight. This quite definitely calls for everyone to make absolutely sure, that they have an excellent’Work Ethic’…there’s no room any longer for slackers, for people who are just in their job solely to get a paycheck at the end of the week or month, as the case might be. Now My Friend, you have to really perform, you have to at all times, have an excellent’Work Ethic’.


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