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Magistrate settles debt in pennies, dollar bills

Coroner Linda Virgill settled an unpaid loan yesterday by paying the debt in pennies and one dollar notes.

Defense lawyer Cecil Hilton sued Virgill for the unpaid loan, plus$2,000 in damages in December.

The Nassau Guardianunderstands Virgill had$2,000 in pennies and$1,000 in dollar bills delivered to Hilton’s Parliament Street office minutes after her case was called in court.

Virgill was summoned to appear before Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis yesterday. Although Hilton was not in court, his wife and an employee from his law firm were there.

Devard Francis, who appeared for Virgill, told Magistrate Rolle-Davis,”We had decided in the matter to settle out of court. Mr. Hilton chose not

to have the affidavit of service be served, hence the matter is not listed.”

Chief Justice Sir Michael Barnett announced this month that Magistrate Virgill will replace William Campbell as coroner.

Magistrate Virgill was transferred to the Supreme Court registry in December 2008 and it was alleged she did not have a portfolio.

She returned to the bench in February 2009″under much protest.”However, officials did not assign Magistrate Virgill any new cases since her return to the bench.

Shortly after her return to the bench, Magistrate Virgill made headlines when she blasted fellow Magistrate Carolita Bethell for issuing a detention order for the$850,000 in Keva Major’s money laundering case while she still had carriage of the matter.

Magistrate Virgill lost her temper when prosecutor Sandra Dee Gardiner presented an order for the detention of the funds to take effect from that date that the matter was withdrawn from Virgill’s court.

She labeled Magistrate Bethell’s actions as”collusion”with prosecutors and questioned how she knew that the matter was going to be withdrawn. Magistrate Virgill noted that she and Magistrate Bethell had the same powers. She ignored the order and directed the funds returned to Major with interest.

At one point during the explosive exchange with Gardiner, Magistrate Virgill snapped,”judgment on these courts”and”God needs to strike you all down for this.”

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