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New logo design for the Sir Victor Sassoon(Bahamas)Heart Foundation

In anticipation of the 50th anniversary of the Sir Victor Sassoon(Bahamas)Heart Foundation, the Heart Foundation decided to adapt a new logo. It was decided that an image the public could readily identify with the Heart Foundation and its efforts to assist Bahamian children with heart disease would be best suited.

Dionne Benjamin-Smith, of Smith&Benjamin Art&Design, took up the challenge to design a logo that would reflect the foundation’s efforts to assist children. The design reflects not only a heart, but also shows what the Heart Foundation does: an adult hand reaching out to save the life of a child, through heart care.

The Sir Victor Sassoon(Bahamas)Heart Foundation, the Heart Ball Committee and all volunteers affiliated with the Heart Foundation are very grateful to Mrs. Benjamin-Smith for her support of the Heart Foundation and the wonderful logo donation she has given.

“We are very happy that Mrs. Benjamin-Smith stepped up and designed a logo that we are so excited about to represent the Heart Foundation,”said R.E. Barnes, Chairman of the Heart Foundation.”It reflects who we are, and what we do and have done over the past 50 years. It also reflects what we hope to do in years to come. For this we are very grateful.”

Under the theme”Saving little hearts for 50 years, one beat at time”, the Heart Ball Committee will host the 47th Annual Heart Ball, Saturday, February 19, 2011 at Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort. This particular ball marks a significant milestone in the life of the Sir Victor Sassoon(Bah)Heart Foundation. The Foundation will celebrate its 50th year of existence. The Annual Heart Ball is the major fund raiser that helps to meet the demands of the Heart Foundation. There will be live performances by the Ed Brice Orchestra, the S-G Band and the Royal Bahamas Defence Force Dinner Band. There will be fabulous table prizes, raffle prizes and auction items, with an exclusive collection from John Bull.

One of the highlights of the ball is the presentation of the Lady Sassoon Golden Heart Award. The deadline for nominations is Friday, January 28, 2011. The award is given to someone who has given selflessly of themselves to help to improve the lives of others. Nominations can be submitted to Alternatively, they can be hand delivered to the Heart Foundation, located at Grosham Property, Cable Beach.

Tickets for regular seating are$250 per person. Premium seating and other accommodations are also available. Additionally, the public is invited to sponsor booklet ads, and make donations. Being a non-profit, all volunteer organization, the Heart Foundation relies heavily on the generosity of others to meet their goals. Over 97 cents, of every dollar raised, goes directly to the aid of the children.

For information on ticket purchases or donations please contact the Heart Foundation at telephone number 327-0806.

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