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NIB prosecutions increased in 2010

The National Insurance Board(NIB)prosecuted 300 more employers last year than in 2009 for alleged failure to pay employee contributions, according to NIB Director Algernon Cargill.

Cargill toldThe Nassau Guardianthat more than 1,200 employers were prosecuted in 2009 and nearly 1,500 were prosecuted last year.

As prosecutions increased, contribution revenue to NIB has increased, said Cargill.

“Prosecuting is a last resort for NIB. Our initial effort is to always negotiate a settlement. And where this is possible, we will negotiate settlements for payment agreements with employers who refuse to pay their contributions on time or when due,”he said.

“We will prosecute Bahamians and or employers who do not pay their contributions or refuse to negotiate with NIB.”

Due to the increase in prosecutions, NIB has contracted a law firm to assist with the process.

“We have liaised with a law firm to assist us with prosecutions and we refer matters to this firm for prosecution, also primarily because we want to bring swift justice to employers who do not pay their contributions on time or negotiate with the board,”said Cargill.

Cargill said it’hurts’when people visit NIB to claim benefits and they are denied, or their benefit payments are suspended, because an employer did not pay contributions on their behalf.

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