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Pauline Davis-Thompson gives track and field perspective

Pauline Davis-Thompson has always been persistent. During a glittering career that endeared her to associates in track and field, fans and officials around the world, she was known for her tenacious, but wholesome character. Nothing has changed with this lady who enjoys being able to say”I’m 45 now.”That’s how confident she is about her general position in a life that despite its challenges, is a joy for her.

“I’m happy. I’m feeling good,”she gushed recently. She is mindful always though, of her beloved sport and the young”athletes coming up to

‘take over and carry thenation’s flag.'”

They are the primary reason she goes all out in seeking to get across, the appropriate message that will foster quality development. She persists in making that connection. Davis-Thompson is forever eager to talk about track and field. When we chatted on Marathon Bahamas Sunday, she was excited and willing to give a broad view of the state of track and field in the country.

Today in this space the focus is again on her perspective.

“We have a lot more athletes participating today than during my time. If you come out to the track(Queen Elizabeth Sports Centre)on any given day it would appear as if we are having a meet. It’s nothing less than phenomenal.

“Now, the big question is will we translate that into greater participation for The Bahamas on an international level. That remains to be seen. I am hoping that we will. To do this will take tireless efforts from all stakeholders who are involved in the development of athletics in our country. Our agenda will have to be one that puts country and athlete first and all personal agendas on the side. We all will have to take a nationalistic approach and realize that The Bahamas is bigger that all of us, and that the integrity of our country and sports should always be paramount.

“The road to success today is much easier than it was for those whose shoulders others now stand on. They(today’s athletes)certainly are gifted but it takes more than just being gifted to get to the top. They have to have a heart and a belief that no matter what, they will achieve.

“‘The(Original)Golden Girls’shoes are big ones to fill but I believe that we can achieve the same feats with some new Golden Girls and Golden Kings. Of course it will not be easy, but I believe in possibilities and I see some of them at practice every day. As each year passes, our athletes of today should be able to surpass the athletes of yesteryear. Records being broken show progress and all of us should be encouraging our athletes to erase all records off the books. I would love to see all sports in The Bahamas competing at a level that shocks the world. I will never ever get tired of seeing our flag raised and hearing our national anthem.

“Our foundation for sprinting has some cracks but I believe tireless efforts by all of us will repair those cracks. We Bahamians are so blessed. We get to live on Paradise on earth and at the same time enjoy being in the greatest little sporting country in the world. It’s a wonderful experience,”said Davis-Thompson.

That’s our grand lady Pauline Davis-Thompson.

She is enthusiastic as usual, but one who never hesitates to grab every opportunity to point out the areas that need to be fixed or to advise of methods to collectively enhance our national sporting program.

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