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BTC launches market research project

About 1000 customers of the Bahamas Telecommunications Company(BTC)are being targeted for its 2011 market research study, currently underway.

The empirical study aims to provide reliable market information on customer trends, satisfaction with products across BTC’s product line, and customers’expectations of both the telecoms company and the industry as a whole. BTC’s Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Business Development Marlon Johnson toldGuardian Businesson Friday that the information will help direct the company’s future efforts.

“The survey will be managed and the results handled consistent with all established statistical and empirical standards, so the results we have will be able to stand the test of scrutiny and will help us shape our broad marketing, advertising and customer service strategy going forward,”Johnson said.

He added that the 1000-person sample size was considered to be statistically significant, and should reflect the views of the broad population, with a deviation that BTC thought acceptable. Geographically, respondents will come from not only New Providence, but also from Grand Bahama and several other Family Islands.

Johnson did not reveal the cost of the study, but said,”It will come in within the defined budget, and we feel comfortable we are getting value for money.”

The research is being conducted by an international firm which Johnson said he would disclose during the period of the survey. A request for proposal(RFP)open to local and international firms initiated the full tender process to procure the research firm, Johnson said. The company ultimately chosen had the credibility and reach BTC was looking for, and Johnson said that BTC employees and other local enumerators will be participating in the survey process.

The last such study BTC conducted was done in 2006 and according to Johnson, that study was”extraordinarily helpful.”From that study, BTC gained valuable insight about the transition customers were making to mobile data over voice applications, for example. That information led to strategies which ultimately allowed the company to quadruple its number of text users, Johnson said.

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