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Man charged in connection with house-breaking ring

A man previously convicted of house-breaking and stealing was yesterday charged in connection with a major house-breaking ring.

Emerson Hanna, 52, of Chestnut Street, was charged before Magistrate Ancella Evans-Williams with nine counts of house-breaking, eight counts of stealing and three counts of attempted house-breaking.

Police allege that Hanna carried out the thefts between November 3 and January 23.

Hanna allegedly broke into the homes of Bridgette Smith on Golden Isle Road; Donna McCoys in Victoria Gardens; Latonya Conyers on Rocky Pine Road; Patrice Sands in Golden Sands; Hubert Pratt in Tall Pines; Kenneth Williams at Shellfish Drive; Mona Francis at Faith Avenue; Natasha Sweeting in Nairn’s Gardens; and Jason Decosta in Mount Tabor Estates.

He is accused of stealing two gold anklets, a cell phone, several watches, gold earrings, a gold ring, a Playstation, two antique car models, a life insurance contract, a laptop, a digital camera, a 42 inch flat screen television, a DVD player and several hundred dollars.

The goods stolen are worth a little over$7,500, according to authorities.

Hanna is further accused of attempting to break into the homes of Lowell Sweeting of Kool Acres; Cedric Smith of Sandilands Village Road; and Raquel Sully of Lamumba Lane.

Hanna pleaded not guilty to all 20 charges.

During his arraignment, he claimed that he was beaten with a cutlass at the Carmichael Road Police Station.

He asked the magistrate to allow him to be taken to the hospital.

When Evans-Williams asked Hanna to show the court his alleged injuries, he lifted his shirt and pointed to spots on his arms, chest and back. However, there were no visible bruises. Nonetheless, Evans-Williams ordered that Hanna be taken to the Princess Margaret Hospital.

The prosecution objected to bail yesterday, highlighting the fact that Hanna was convicted on June 3, 2008 and sentenced to six months in prison.

The prosecutor said he believes that Hanna could reoffend.

The magistrate remanded Hanna to Her Majesty’s Prison. The matter was adjourned until February 3, at which time Hanna will be given the opportunity to address the court as it relates to his bail.

At a news conference yesterdaySuperintendent Paul Rolle, officer-in-charge of the Southwestern Division, said that as a result of Hanna’s arrest police cleared 69 house-breakings cases.

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