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Too close to call

It was a neck-and-neck race for this year’s Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations(BAAA) High School Relays Championships title. Of the nine divisions hosted, the St. Augustine’s College Big Red Machine and the Queen’s College Comets won three while St. John’s Giants captured two. Charles W Saunders Cougars and the HO Nash Lions shared the last division.

When the points were added, the Comets shot ahead of the Big Red Machine who scored 106. The Comets had a total of 131 points over the eight divisions they contested. The Big Red Machine competed in only seven divisions while the Giants entered teams in all. The Giants would close the track meet with 72 points. The CR Walker Knights which were tied for first with the Comets in the intermediate division accumulated 52 points. The Cougars’20 points over the entire meet assisted in the win of the bantam boys division which they shared with the Lions. Both schools closed with 12 points in that division. However, the Lions would get the edge over the Cougars with a 36 point total. The CH Reeves Raptors scored 33.

Runners competed in the bantam boys and girls, the junior division, intermediate divisions, senior and open divisions. The Comets won both titles in junior divisions, shared

the intermediate boys with the Knights, finished second in the senior girls and third in the senior boys. In the bantam girls and boys the school was second and fifth, respectively.

The Big Red Machine captured the bantam girls division, the intermediate girls and senior boys. The school was second in the junior girls, in a three-way tie in the junior boys, third in the senior girls and tied for eighth in the senior boys. The two divisional titles won by the Giants were the senior boys and the open divisions. The Giants finished second in the bantam girls, was tied for third in the bantam boys, placed sixth in the junior girls and third in the junior boys. In the intermediate girls the school was fifth overall and eighth in both the intermediate boys and senior girls divisions. The Knights picked up third spot in the intermediate girls and tied in the senior girls with the Comets.

The Big Red Machine won the 4x100m relay in the bantam girls in 58.70 seconds, Jordan Prince Williams High was second in 58.72 seconds and the Comets third in 59.62 seconds. The 4x200m in that division was also captured by the Big Red Machine, 2:01.94, the Cougars were second followed by the Giants in 2:06.00 and 2:06.09 .respectively. The Giants ran away with the 4x400m title. Their time was 5:08.63. The time if 5:23.85 put St. Anne’s Blue Waves second over the Cougars who stopped the clock at 6:29.16.

In the junior girls division the 4x100m title was won by the Big Red Machine, the Comets captured the 4x200m leaving the 4x400m, and the 4x800m to the Big Red Machine. The Comets also won the 800 sprint medley.

Four of the relays in the intermediate girls were won by the Big Red Machine. The school stopped the clock in the 4x100m at 50.40 seconds and 1:48.65 in the 4x200m. In the 1600m relay the team of Danielle Gibson, Teja Roker, Gabrielle Shaw and Devynne Charlton ran 4:18.87 for the win over the Comets and Knights. The Comets got the better of both the Knights and the Big Red Machine in the 4x800m. But the Big Red Machine returned to win the 800 sprint medley. The Blue Waves was second followed by the Comets.

Winning the bantam boys 4x100m was the Cougars in 54.36 seconds. The Giants took the 4x200m in that division, 2:04.09 while the Cougars captured the 4x400m title in 4:43.17. Running away with the sprint medley prize were the Lions.

The relays championships is a prelude to the High School Track and Field Championships, set for March at the Thomas A Robinson Stadium.

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