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Regatta season opens today

The first major regatta on the 2011 sailing calendar, the All-for-One Regatta will set sail today without boats in the A-class, leaving skippers of B and C-class sloops to put on a show for the sporting enthused.

According to race organizer Rev. Dr. Phillip McPhee some 20 boats will sail in the two-day event. The All-for-One Regatta will be held at Montagu Bay. Sailing will start at 10 a.m. on Saturday and at 2 p.m. on Sunday. The awards presentation will be at Compass Point on Monday at 7 p.m. Checks and presentation for the Valentine’s Day Massacre and the Farmer’s Cay Regatta will be presented at that time.

McPhee said: ”I am excited and elated about the fact that Minister(of Sports)Charles Maynard saw it fit to reconsider hosting the event. We are very much aware of the financial position the world is in. We know for certain that sports is not the top priority of any government, including The Bahamas. But one thing that we are glad about is that our sporting minister recognizes the importance of regattas in this country. It is the most economic event for all of our Family Islands and without it, many of our Family Islands will not be able to sustain themselves for the period of the budgetary year. So we are very grateful to the minister because he has proven that he is a true representative of the people, in terms of his love for the various sporting disciplines of our country. For him to reconsider, go and search and to give a grant in order for this to happen shows a great statue of what type of person he is. We want to salute him. The sailing community and the entire Bahamas has recognized his worth to us now and we will certainly back him from here on in.

“The reason for the A-class boats not sailing is we don’t have sufficient funding to do A, B and C classes. We don’t want to do something where the boat owners only get a limited amount of money. We were doing that last year and we don’t want to start the year off again on that foot. So the sailing community decided that the small amount of money that we were able to get and the short period of time that we scheduled it, that it was best to just host those two classes. This regatta is strictly a ministry’s event. Every cent that is being spent comes from them.”

The All-for-One Regatta will set the tune for the other 12 Family Island Regattas on the calendar. The first Family Island Regatta will be next weekend in Farmer’s Cay, Exuma. The Valentine’s Day Massacre will follow on February 4-5 and will be held at Montagu shores.

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