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12 murders in four weeks

More murders were recorded in January 2011 than in any month in 2010, according to police statistics.

The highest number of murders in any one month in 2010 was 11.

The 12 murders recorded in January represent a 50 percent jump over the same period last year.

The statistics also revealed that August and November were the deadliest months last year with 11 confirmed murders, while February and June each had 10.

Police are trying to stem incidents of violent crime in The Bahamas.

Minister of National Security Tommy Turnquest declined to comment on the situation when contacted byThe Nassau Guardianyesterday. He also declined to say if there might be any more new crime-fighting initiatives rolled out this year.

The Royal Bahamas Police Force(RBPF)recently unveiledoperation”Rapid Strike”, which the force contends has been garnering results.

The operation was launched as a result of the spate of murders which kicked off the new year.

“This operation has as its main objective the mission to seek out persons involved in murders, armed robberies, possession of illegal firearms, stealing of vehicles, stabbings, breakings and all other criminal activity,”Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade said at its launch.

The judiciary also recently created a Gun Court that will serve to expedite the incarceration of individuals found in possession of illegal weapons.

“The government is determined to make a full-frontal assault on firearm offenses,”said Attorney General John Delaney at a news conference at the Cabinet Office Friday.

However, the RBPF is fighting its own battles internally as well, with Turnquest revealing last week that even guns confiscated by police often end up back on the streets.

He explained that a new marking machine provided by the Organization of American States will allow those guns that do leave police custody to be tracked.

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