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Are you fulfilling your destiny?

Now, when some people initially read the title of this article’Are you fulfilling your Destiny?’, they may inwardly say, what do you mean by’Destiny’D. Paul?Well, the Dictionary defines the word’Destiny’as”Something that is to happen or has happened to a particular person or thing; lot or fortune”. Synonyms are”Fate, Karma, Kismet”. So in short, what is it that you feel you are destined to be, what do you honestly feel, deep down within your heart and soul, your true purpose here on planet earth really is?

Now believe me, to get to the answer of that extremely deep and very important question may take a whole lot of inner searching, and indeed a whole lot of time. However, if you keep on earnestly seeking to know your destiny, your true purpose for having been born in the first place, you will indeed EVENTUALLY find it. But don’t ever forget, you can’t expect to find what you refuse to earnestly seek.

To really know your true purpose in life, you need to daily spend plenty of’Quiet Time’with your Creator, your Spiritual Father, God in meditation. When you do this religiously, believe me, God will indeed eventually guide you to a place in your life where you will KNOW with absolute certainty what your purpose, your destiny really is.

Now, many, many people do indeed come to a place in their life where they fully understand their true destiny, and yet unfortunately they do not pursue it. That’s right, far too many people refuse point blank to follow the Divine Course, their Divine Destiny, which God wishes for them to pursue. Instead, they try to sidestep the issue, and thus continue to pursue a life of self-indulgence and debauchery, daily desperately chasing the illusive happiness and inner peace, which we all seek.

My Friend, never, ever forget, that you were created by God for a very definite purpose. Your Spiritual Father, God gave you some-special, and indeed totally unique talents, which you need to fully develop and hone, and then give them away to others. This is the only way in which anyone can fully expect to be able to fulfill their Divine Destiny.

So My Friend, why not commence your inward search TODAY, so that you will indeed discover your destiny, which will allow you to become the fantastically successful, contented, and at peace person God wants you to be. Please, don’t put it off another day, start the Inner Search today, and you will be on your way to fulfilling your destiny.



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