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Dialysis patient is latest murder victim

Craig Anthon Rolle, 37, was one of the”best”young men in Pinewood, a neighbor said of the dialysis patient and father of two, who was robbed and brutally beaten last Friday only feet from his house.

In an area where neighbors toldThe Nassau Guardiancrime is rampant, they insisted Rolle was nothing like the young men whose robbery turned into murder Sunday after he died in the hospital from his injuries.

“My son was one of the nicest persons you could meet,”Joshua Rolle said.”I talked to his boss and everyone is sad over there(at the Atlantis Resort).”

Besides his stand up personality, Rolle’s father said his dialysis, which required him to visit the hospital three times per week, often left him frail and weak.

His family revealed that the youngest of Craig Rolle’s two children is only five-months-old. She sat happily fidgeting with a bunch of keys in the lap of a family member yesterday at his home, unaware of the sadness surrounding her and left to know her father only through the memories of her family.

A neighbor who wished to be known only as Miriam said Rolle was an extremely good neighbor to her.

“He doesn’t molest anyone,”she said.

“He is one of the best in Pinewood. They didn’t need to kill him because he was a sick man, he didn’t pose a threat.”

She added that in her 27 years as a resident of Pinewood she has watched the crime get worse, but still refuses to leave the area.

“I can’t move out my house; I’ve been here too many years,”she said.”Nobody has come to molest us.”

But she is afraid for her two sons who often walk the streets of Pinewood much like Rolle did on the day he was assaulted, robbed and subsequently murdered.

Police reports of the incident revealed that police were not notified of the robbery and assault until Sunday–the day Rolle died.

The information they received was that he was at Buttonwood Avenue Friday evening when he was beaten about the body by two men, who also robbed him of his jewelry.

He was taken to hospital in a private vehicle that night, but succumbed to his injuries two days later, police said.

They added that a 16-year-old male was being questioned in connection with the murder.

“The crime is getting worse in Pinewood,”said the victim’s father.”We need to do something before it gets any worse.”

Another neighbor who did not wish to be identified said they have complained to police about the troublesome young men who hang about in Pinewood, but lamented that not much has been done.

The overwhelming sentiment of the individuals who live in the area and came to give their condolences to Rolle’s family is that Pinewood needs more police presence.

“That corner(Buttonwood Avenue)is the worst corner in this area,”Miriam said.”I’m sorry about it(Rolle’s murder), because I have children and the same thing could happen.”

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